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Crawl spaces can add extra storage space to a home for rarely used items, but if the crawl space is wet or damp these items become at risk for mold growth and the home could develop structural problems. There are many solutions for damp crawl space problems that we offer here at StayDry including dehumidifiers, crawl space encapsulation, and sump pump installation. If you are suffering from a damp crawl space, let StayDry do the dirty work for you and waterproof your crawl space today.


Damp crawl spaces can present a range of problems that can affect your home and your family’s health if left alone. One of the biggest damp crawl space problems is the potential growth of mold. Crawl spaces are often dark, warm, and filled with wood and drywall to supply food for mold to grow. Once you add enough moisture, mold is sure to grow in this environment. Mold spores can come up through the air into your home and cause an array of health issues including respiratory problems, like asthma and fungal infections. These health effects are amplified in children, seniors, and persons with compromised immune systems.

Damp crawl spaces also become a welcoming habitat for pests like termites, mice, and carpenter ants. Mice and other rodents can bring harmful diseases, like rat-bite-fever, into your home which can lead to expensive medical bills. Termites and carpenter ants, however, can cause structural damage to your home by eating away the rotting wood and drywall. Exterminators will be needed to clear out a pest infestation before the crawl space is waterproofed to ensure pests are not trapped inside.


Determining the best solution for your damp crawl space problems depends on the severity of the problem itself. In some cases, a dehumidifier will be sufficient at preventing moisture from accumulating in a crawl space. If there is a crack or water leak in your crawl space, we can fill it with our high-pressure polyurethane crack injection method to ensure the crack is sealed all the way to the exterior of the home.

Often times, a damp crawl space is a sign of a poor drainage system and a French tile drain pipe will need to be installed inside the crawl space to allow excess water to drain away from the home. We can connect these French drain systems to an already existing sump pump, or install a new one, to make the water drainage system more effective at pumping water away from the crawl space.

In extremely damp crawl spaces, we can encapsulate the crawl space in a vapor barrier to keep moisture out of the area. This vapor barrier will also have a drain mat attached to your sump pump to allow any water that manages to get into your waterproofed crawl space to be expelled easily away from your home.

If you are dealing with damp crawl space problems and are in need of our crawl space waterproofing services or any of the other services we offer, you can contact us here or call us at 800.782.9379.

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