Whether you’re considering selling your house or just getting a new appraisal of its worth, don’t forget the crawlspace! For most homeowners a crawl space is at best an afterthought, and at worse an unfinished mess. Consider that basement and crawlspace repair can be seen as long-term investments with a reliable return rate. Not only that, these features may increase the overall appeal of your home to potential buyers down the road.

Increasing Michigan Home Value with Crawl Space Encapsulation

Encapsulated Crawlspaces Translate to Energy Savings

It may surprise you to learn that crawlspace and basement insulation are a decent part of a home’s energy use profile. While most of us understand why attics need to be well-insulated, basements often don’t get the same consideration. As the rising popularity of “green” building certifications has increased, basements and their potential energy savings have been a big part of the conversation. The US Department of Energy states that a well-insulated and encapsulated crawlspace or basement can save home owners between 15-18% on their energy bills.

Young Buyers Are Looking for “Green” Homes

Motivated by wildly fluctuating energy prices and a growing concern for the environment, many new home buyers are looking for multiple energy-saving technologies. Younger buyers in particular are looking for these features as “standard” on any house being considered. Details like crawlspace encapsulation not only look more physically attractive, they may be the difference between buyers selecting your house over a similar home without these features.

Energy- Saving Home Improvements = Great Return on Investment

Besides adding to the general marketability of the house, these improvements also translate to dollar values. According to Builder, a magazine for the US construction industry, adding high-performance energy-saving features can offer an average 10% return on investment when the house sells. Michigan’s humid environment and occasional severe weather are facts of life, so homeowners will also save money by not taking a chance on mother nature. A waterproof basement will help you avoid flood repair bills, mold remediation, or other unwelcome surprises from ignoring your unfinished crawlspace!

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