At StayDry®, we get tons of questions about crawl spaces and the impact that the weather can have on them. The biggest issues we run into at StayDry® involve snow melt during the winter and humidity during the summer months. Read the article below to learn how the weather can impact your crawl space.

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Crawl Space Repair in the Winter

Crawl spaces are susceptible to moisture from a lot of sources, but unfortunately things in your crawl space can go from bad to worse during winter time. Snow can cause a number of problems, including exacerbating leaks and drainage problems in your crawl space as the snow melts. A damp crawl space is a draw for insects, mold and mildew and other unwelcome visitors in your house and fixing the crawl space should be a top priority to keep your home safe.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep the snow out of your crawl space and to help ensure that your crawl space stays dry no matter what the season. Using a crawl space vapor barrier is an important protection against the elements and not only helps to keep snow and other water from entering the crawl space but can also help to reduce your energy costs.

To get the benefits of a sealed crawl space, it is best to bring in the experts. Stay Dry Waterproofing is well-known for its skill in crawl space vapor barrier solutions and we can help keep the weather from impacting your space this winter season.

Humidity and Your Crawl Space in Michigan

Crawl spaces present many challenges for homeowners because the unfinished basement space is typically not heated or cooled in any way. This can result in humidity building up in the space. Unfortunately, excess humidity in the crawl space can present a problem that extends beyond this unfinished basement area and that causes issues in the rest of your home.

There are many different problems that crawl space humidity can cause in your space. One issue is that the humidity can create a musty smell that pervades the rest of your home. This is very unpleasant for those who live in or visit the space.

Another issue is that the humidity itself will seep into your living spaces, making them less comfortable and potentially doing damage to wood floors and crown molding and other wood products. Wood tends to expand and contract with humidity, which can result in unsightly cracking and damage.

Humidity in your crawl space can even cost you money. With the added humidity, your utility bills will cost more- a monthly expense you don’t need.

Instead of dealing with all of these problems, contact StayDry Waterproofing to learn about some good options for controlling humidity in your crawl space.

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