As a homeowner, you are invested in keeping your home safe and healthy. One of the biggest threats to homes is foundation damage. You need to be able to recognize any foundation damage and make sure that these issues are repaired or prevented. Learning the warning signs of foundation problems will help you keep your home safe.

StayDry® Waterproofing are Michigan’s experts in foundations and waterproofing solutions. We offer top quality services to homeowners throughout the state to give them more peace-of-mind in their home. Our professionals work hard to provide homeowners with important information to keep their home’s safe. Here is a look at 5 warning signs that your home’s foundation may have problems.

Crumbling or Cracked Walls

When you are ever inspecting your home, it is important to make special note of cracks in your wall or any crumbling in concrete. These signs can show that there is a lot of pressure on your foundation walls due to foundation settling. The soil around your home could be pushing on your walls and causing damage to your foundation.

Leaks and Water Damage

Often, people will notice moisture like pooling water, molds or stains occur around cracks. Any water damage is important to note because water is often the cause of a foundational issue. Water causes soil around your home to shift and that creates a lot of pressure on your home. You need a solution to direct water away from your home or the soil around your home.

Warping in Ceilings and Floors

Many homes that experience foundation issues will notice some warping in their floors and ceiling. Use a level to see if your floors are leaning in one direction. You can use a ping pong ball or tennis ball to see if a floor is sloping. Any warping is common in foundation issues.

Buckling or Leaning Walls

While properties are designed to settle and it is expected, excessive settling is a real problem and a common issue with foundation failure. If your walls are beginning to lean or buckling, you can notice cracks begin to form throughout the foundation. Look at corners, pillars, joints, molding, and chimneys to see if they are straight and flush as they should be.

Ill Fitting Windows and Doors

More common problems when a foundation begins to shifts are windows and doors. If a window or door begins to get stuck or you start having issues with it closing all the way, this is a sign of foundation damage. Inspect your doors including garage doors, any windows, and even your HVAC vents to determine if they are working properly.

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