Let’s talk about cutting corners. Let’s say you have poured concrete walls in your basement, which have some pretty big cracks—understandably, you want a quick solution.

So you contact a company that uses a low-pressure system for basement crack repair. They promise to take care of your water problem. It’s easy, they assure you. They’ve done thousands.

The problem? A run-of-the-mill crack injection will only fix the problem for a little while. When this inevitably fails, those concrete cracks can quickly spread and present more dangerous and costly issues. Whether the cracks lead to bowing walls or moisture within the home, these are two issues that will require immediate attention.

At StayDry, we hate cutting corners. We do the work that needs to be done, because anything worth doing is worth doing right. That’s why when we do basement crack repair, we use a high-pressure injection system, which is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. With this, you can rest assured knowing your concrete cracks are completely sealed and your home is protected from the problems that often accompany them.

We’re always happy to talk more about how we do things. Or you can read more about our basement wall crack repair services. Whatever you do—do your homework, and don’t cut any corners.

How much does crack injection cost, you ask? We’ve got the numbers for you. Or, if you’re ready, let’s get started with a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

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