Looking for the Best Foundation Repair Service in Michigan?

We’re not known as the foundation repair superheroes for nothing. We might not prop up and push back basement walls with our bare hands, but we do offer the best methods of foundation repair available. (Hey, facts are facts). If you’re looking to fix your cracking or crumbling foundation walls, or you’re worried about a bowing wall or big cracks, you’ve come to the right place.
Other companies might get rid of the water in your basement, but they won’t do anything about the hydrostatic pressure, which is one of the reasons foundations fail. Worse, they’ll charge you the same amount of money for half the work.
We want to make sure your foundation doesn’t fail. Ever. We have helped hundreds of Michigan residents both in Lansing and all around the Great Lakes state keep their foundation walls reinforced and reliable. Read more about our preferred foundation wall repair services, which will give your home some good, sturdy legs to stand on:

  • Crack Injection
  • Wall straightening
  • Fortress stabilization
  • StayWall steel brace reinforcement
  • Complete or partial wall rebuilds

Want to talk more about what you’re seeing? Get started with a free in-home estimate. And don’t forget our financial resources page, which gives you a look at the numbers for foundation repair cost.