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Most homes will have some degree of cracking in their foundation due to settlement, but major cracks are a sign of more severe problems. While settlement cannot be entirely prevented, water damage can and should be if the home is at risk of flooding. Here at StayDry, we prefer to educate our customers in the ways of prevention since it is far less expensive to prevent a cracked foundation than it is to repair a damaged foundation.


One of the main causes of cracks in a home’s foundation is water damage. Water is able to seep into the porous concrete, weakening the foundation and increasing the risk of severe structural problems. If your home sits too close to the water table level, it is at risk for flooding and severe settlement issues. StayDry offers some of the best waterproofing solutions for your home to help prevent the foundation from cracking.

Sump Pump- Sump pumps have been one of the most trusted forms of basement waterproofing solutions for years. Sump pumps collect any water that has leaked into the basement in their sump basin and pumps it out away from the house.

French Drain SystemFrench drain pipe systems are an inexpensive waterproofing solution that will help drain water away from your home’s foundation. French drain pipes can be installed inside the home or outside the foundation and are one of the most effective waterproofing solutions available.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing– The most effective form of basement waterproofing is StayDry’s exterior basement waterproofing. It is also the most time extensive since it requires exposing the exterior of the home’s foundation in order to apply the waterproof tar and sealant.

Crack Repair

If a minor crack has formed in the foundation of your house from settlement or minor water damage, the best way to prevent the problem from getting bigger is to seal the crack with a polyurethane injection. Many waterproofing companies use a low-pressure system to inject the polyurethane into the crack, however, this method is less effective than the one we use here at StayDry. Our high-pressure injection method allows the crack to completely seal shut for a longer period of time and prevent any further damage to your home’s foundation.

DIY Prevention

Concrete is going to crack, there is no way to prevent it from happening. However, there are simple cracked foundation prevention solutions that you can do yourself to avoid any further damage to the foundation. Keeping your gutters clean and making sure they drain at least ten feet away from your home will prevent any water from seeping down into the soil around your foundation. Additionally, avoiding over watering the landscape around your home will prevent water damage to the foundation and protect it from cracking.

If your home’s foundation is cracked and you are in need of our crack repair services or any of the other services we offer, you can contact us here or call us at 800.782.9379.