As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your home is safe from damage. One of the most common issues is cracks throughout the building. While many cracks are benign and aren’t cause for concern, there are cracks that could indicate issues with your foundation. It is important to recognize the cause of cracks so you can stop them from appearing in your foundation and mortar joints.

StayDry® Waterproofing provides expert foundation repair solutions throughout the state of Michigan. We are focused on giving homeowners peace-of-mind through our services. If you are wondering how to avoid cracks in your home, we can provide the best services to help you stop issues that may cause cracks.

Foundation Settling

It is important to note that foundation settling is unavoidable. There is always some amount of settling that may occur in a home and they are even designed to give a little over time. However, foundation settling can become a huge problem for homes. If your home settles beyond the regular amount, it can begin to form cracks.

As water moves through your soil it can cause the soil to shift. As the soil shifts more, it can create more and more pressure on your walls. The pressure causes walls to bow or lean and can even crack when they have a lot of soil pushes on the walls. Luckily, there are ways to help you avoid any issues.

Prepare Your Foundation

We recognize that water is the most common culprit for foundation issues. If you want to avoid cracks in your foundation or mortar joints, it is important to prepare your home to avoid the issues with water. We provide waterproofing solutions that will help direct water away from your home, such as drainage systems.

If water doesn’t enter your soil, it makes it less likely that the soil will shift and cause foundation damage. We also offer fortress stabilization services to make sure that your foundation is strong and able to withstand the pressure of the earth around it. If you call us, you’ll be sure to get the best services to help you avoid these issues.

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