When it comes to keeping your concrete walls free of leak-inducing cracks, StayDry has the knowledge and tools necessary to properly seal those cracks—and we offer a lifetime warranty on our crack injection repair service. Cracks in poured-wall foundations can pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home, as well as raise the risk of mold developing.

While crack injections can be crucial in preventing water damage to your basement, not every method is as reliable as the next. Other companies often use low-pressure tools for injections. Though the problem may appear to be solved at the surface of the cracks, what’s below may continue allowing water in. At StayDry, we don’t reach for quick solutions. We attack every problem with long-term solutions. We use a high-pressure polyurethane crack injection to ensure your concrete is completely sealed.

Cause and Danger of Cracked Walls

Simply put, cracks are essentially unavoidable. Cracks in your foundation can be the result of a number of factors and are often caused by drying shrinkage, thermal contraction, and more. While cracks cannot always be prevented, you can certainly control them—and StayDry Waterproofing can help. You should be aware of the problems that can arise from a cracked foundation and how to look for signs of such. Let us fill you in.

Generally, any crack wider than 1/16″ puts your home at risk, with the potential to increase in size and make way for water. Simply filling cracks with epoxy is often only a temporary solution and doesn’t find the source of the crack. Instead of cutting corners and applying quick fixes to cracks, it’s important to correctly repair them to avoid further problems.

The main risk factor in cracked concrete is moisture penetration. Moisture can ruin wall and floor coverings, not to mention affect the structure of your home. To avoid these potential dangers, crack injection repair is key. It’s best to leave injections to the professionals to effectively fix the problem, and our process at StayDry will do just that.

Our Injection Process

We start our process by using a temporary surface bond to cover the crack. This will keep the soon-to-be-injected polyurethane contained. Next, we drill holes every 12 inches along the crack where we insert brass packer ports for the injection machine to attach to. We then begin filling the crack with the injection material. Our technician will work up the crack, ensuring that every port is filled with polyurethane until the crack is completely filled. After allowing the polyurethane to solidify for 24-48 hours, the bond and ports can then be removed, leaving the cracks in your foundation completely sealed!

If you’ve noticed cracks in your poured-concrete wall or are in need any of our other services, be sure to contact StayDry Waterproofing or give us a call at 800.782.9379.

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