So you’ve got a cracked or bowing wall. Does this mean you need to re-build the entire foundation of your house? Not always. Sometimes, repairing one individual wall does the trick.

Michigan Single Wall Rebuild

Sometimes, one side of the house is exposed to more moisture due to drainage or surrounding environment. As the soil outside your basement walls absorbs water, it swells. This pressure can eventually cause a wall to crack or, in more serious cases, start bowing. As you’re probably aware, this type of problem will not go away on its own.

Our team of experts will assess your foundation problems for free, and we always offer a range of options. Many homeowners only need to rebuild the single wall to keep the foundation healthy. Sometimes a wall crack is not a serious foundation problem, but merely the normal effect of the foundation “settling” over time. It does take an expert to tell the difference, however!

If the wall does need to be rebuilt, we can help. The second part, however, is addressing the deeper problem so that it never happens again. If drainage is a problem, the answer might be as simple as changing the type of gutters you have. If it’s the topography, you may need to look into building a retaining wall or taking other measures to stop the movement of water into the soil around your foundation.

If there is a significant amount of water in the soil, the surrounding drywall should also be evaluated for mold and mildew, who thrive in these conditions. Besides being unsightly, they can cause respiratory problems and, if left untreated, can actually damage the walls.

StayDry has over 100 years of combined experience dealing with basement and foundation problems. We pride ourselves on providing quick, fair, and effective assessments and estimates for whatever is ailing your basement. Don’t ignore changes in the shape or condition of your basement walls! Give us a call today.

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