For moderate to severe bowing or bulging, StayDry has developed the StayWall technique. When we see foundations that are in serious trouble, your StayDry hero will attach steel I-beams to the floor joists of the home that are either bolted or set beneath the concrete floor of the foundation. Even though there may be some slight obtrusion in the basement, this technique can be the perfect solution for serious foundation problems.

Where the StayWall Technique Pays Off

For Michigan’s frigid winters and fast spring thaws, the StayWall Technique is perfect for foundations that have severe bowing and bulging. Bulging happens when pressure is placed on your foundation by freezing or evaporating moisture in soft and clay soils around your home. The StayWall steel beams reinforce your foundation and prevent further problems in the future.

The StayDry Promise

Not only does StayDry have 100+ years of experience in fixing foundations like yours. We’ve found that the StayWall is one of the most popular solutions for homeowners like you. Not only do we back our product with top-notch customer service. We also offer a 10-year warranty for the StayWall service that we provide for homeowners.