Over time, the foundations of houses start to settle. Finding the early warning signs is critical. Foundation repair, if not caught early, can cause tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. The sooner you deal with these problems, the less expensive it will be to fix them. In Michigan’s harsh winter weather, temperatures can regularly get below freezing. Moisture will condense in small cracks in your foundation, freeze, and then expand…ultimately making the crack bigger. During spring, thawing will disintegrate your foundation.

The Four Basic Signs That Your Foundation is Cracking

Here are the four primary warning signs that you might have issues with your foundation:

  1. Doors fail to latch or jam. It also might be difficult to open doors.
  2. Cracks appear in walls around doorways and windows or where walls meet ceilings.
  3. You notice cracks in tile floors.
  4. Windows that used to open easily stick or won’t close completely.

You will also notice these types of cracks in your foundation:

  • Hairline cracks in your foundation wall.
  • In corners, you will notice cracks, especially if your foundation is built into a hillside.
  • For foundations that are made out of bricks, you will notice stair-step cracks in the mortar.
  • Horizontal cracks in solid cement walls–the result of soil freezing around your home.

Why Fix Your Foundation Cracks?

Fixing a minor crack will only cost you $500 if you fix it fast. Putting off foundation repair and not checking up on the state of your home throughout the year can make foundation problems worse. Eventually, you could potentially spend up to $10,000 or more to fix your foundation. Additionally, cracks in your foundation can decrease the efficacy of your home’s energy profile. You will pay more on your energy bills if you don’t fix your home’s foundation before major seasonal changes throughout the year.