When you notice structural cracks in your foundation, cost is probably the first thing that comes to mind. At StayDry, we advise our customers to think of crack injection as a long-term investment in your home. We use the polyurethane crack injection process at StayDry. We really want our valued homeowners to protect their home, so we have the best technology and methods for fixing cracks in your foundation.

Crack Injection Cost For Homeowners

The crack injection service offered by StayDry primarily addresses issues with cracks and pipe intrusion. We do a free estimate to see where the problem is and the best solution. If you have a hairline cracks in your foundation, the injection cost will be lower.

Why Get a StayDry Free Estimate

The StayDry team has over 100+ years of experience in fixing cracked foundations like yours. Ultimately, the $300 to $800 that you pay for a single injection will add value and life to your home. Our crack injection services reduce settling in your home, meaning that your doors and windows will close and that new tile floor that you just installed won’t crack. Call us for a free estimate today and we can set you up with 0% financing to reduce your costs.