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Those who live around The Great Lakes are at a higher risk of basement flooding. Michigan’s high water table increases the hydrostatic pressure around homes. If there are any cracks or weak spots on the wall, the hydrostatic pressure will push moisture into your home. Installing a proper drainage system to redirect water away from your home will reduce outside pressure and prevent basement flooding.

At StayDry, we are committed to helping Michigan homeowners feel safe inside their own homes. We believe that people shouldn’t constantly worry about whether or not their basement will flood every time it storms. Proper drainage systems will prevent most basement leaking. Call StayDry today at 800.782.9379 for an obligation free consultation. A professional will arrive at your home and inspect the walls for structural weakness. Also, we will advise you on the best ways to keep your basement dry and prevent future water damage.

To install an interior french drain, we first remove the concrete from the basement floor and dig a trench. Then, we lay the drain and fill the trench with rock and separating fabric. In some cases, we drill weep holes in the drain to allow water to flow smoothly. Interior french drains redirect groundwater pressing against the outside of the house. On the other hand, exterior french drains redirect water from the soggy ground around the perimeter of the home before it presses against your home.

To install exterior french drains, we dig a similar trench along the outside of the foundation. We lay the same rocks and separating fabric as the interior drain, and we cover it with concrete. Internal french drains redirect water into a sump basin that will then be emptied by a sump pump. Exterior drains move water into a designated area away from your home, such as a septic tank or storm drain.

StayDry Will Keep Your Basement Water-Free

StayDry offers a complete line of basement waterproofing solutions. From french drains to sump pumps and interior insulation, we are committed to helping homes stay dry. Although foundation settling is normal, it can lead to structural instability if the right precautions aren’t taken. If your doors or windows are difficult to open, it probably means your foundation has settled. Foundation settling can lead to wall cracks. If the cracks in your walls are horizontal, you could have severe structural weakness. StayDry will do everything from adding steel bars for reinforcement to replacing the wall to make sure your home stays water free. If the cracks are vertical, we will seal them with our high-pressure polyurethane system to make sure they don’t expand or leak.

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Preventing basement flooding is much cheaper and easier than repairing damage after a flood. Call us today at 800.782.9379, and an expert basement waterproofer will come inspect your home. For more information about our services, visit our website.