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Interior basement waterproofing is a great last line of defense against outside moisture. Homes around The Great Lakes are at higher risk of flooding due to the high amount of hydrostatic pressure. Since Michigan gets more annual precipitation than most states, homeowners have to take the proper precautions to avoid basement flooding.

At StayDry, we proudly offer a complete line of basement waterproofing solutions. Call 800.782.9379, and a StayDry expert will arrive at your home to give you a free consultation. This is especially helpful for Michigan residents who have recently moved into a new home and are not yet familiar with the structural strength of their homes. If the soil around a home was not properly tested during construction, it could expand and cause the foundation to shift during settlement. This could result in horizontal cracks along the walls, drainage problems, and structurally weak walls. For a complete inspection and advice on how to prevent water from entering your home, call StayDry today!

How Interior Waterproofing Works

After sealing wall cracks and relocating outside pressure, installing an interior layer of moisture protection will keep your basement dry. Although interior waterproofing is more of a supplement than a complete solution, it can be cheaper than paying for outside excavation. To waterproof the inside of your home, we first apply damp-proofing to the surface of the wall. Liquid rubber sealants will bond to most materials and will provide an extra layer of protection to wall cracks and weak points in the wall. Then, we insulate the wall with a layer of foam. In order for this to be effective, the edges must be completely sealed.

Calling an expert to waterproof the interior walls will save you money in the long run. At StayDry, we don’t believe in cutting corners. We do the job once and back it with our company warranty. When it comes to the security of your home, you want the highest quality solutions. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of home security, and we proudly offer Michigan residents the best basement waterproofing products. From cast iron sump pumps to high-pressure polyurethane injections, we help Michigan residents enjoy the beauty of The Great Lakes without worrying about their basement flooding. Our sump pump technology will send alerts to you if there is a problem with your drainage during a storm. Our crack sealants stop water for a guaranteed lifetime, and our expert consultants are trained and ready to help you improve your home security.

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