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Those living in Michigan are familiar with the excessive moisture in the winter and summer months. Homeowners around The Great Lakes are at a high risk for basement flooding. Without proper interior insulation or drainage system, moisture retained in the soil will begin to leak through walls. Although foundation settling is normal, structural changes in your foundation may result in water seepage. The professionals at StayDry are dedicated to helping Michigan homeowners prevent water from entering their homes.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, StayDry will proudly help homeowners prevent water from damaging their homes. Call 800.782.9379, and an experienced professional will come to your home, inspect your foundation walls, and consult you on the best ways to waterproof your home. We will check your walls for small cracks, inspect your drainage system, and examine the soil around your home. If there are wall cracks, we will seal them using our high-pressure polyurethane injection system. Our high-quality french drains and sump pumps effectively redirect water away from your home. As the last line of defense, we will seal the insides of your basement walls against outside moisture.

Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement From the Inside

Over the year, water collects in the soil around your home. This increases the hydrostatic pressure that constantly pushes against your basement walls. If not properly relocated, outside moisture will create enough pressure to leak through even the smallest crack. Sealing off those cracks with our lifetime guaranteed sealant will prevent the cracks from expanding and letting more water through. For additional fortification, we will apply a damp-proofing layer to the interior foundation wall.

When waterproofing your basement, it’s best to trust the experts. Interior waterproofing only works if the sealant is properly applied. After installing the damp-proofing layer, we will attach foam insulation and seal all the edges to prevent water and air from leaking through. Interior basement waterproofing membranes are designed to provide a supplemental layer to your basement insulation. Complete basement waterproofing entails other services such as french drain installation and sump pump inspection.

Although a waterproofing membrane will prevent outside water intrusion, any small crack or drainage problem will allow water to enter your basement. Interior waterproofing is a necessary last step, but it is not the first. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of home safety, and we proudly offer a complete line of basement waterproofing solutions.

Seal Your Basement With StayDry

StayDry is committed to helping homeowners feel safe in their homes by preventing basement flooding. Call a consultant today for an accurate estimate of what it will take to waterproof your basement. New homeowners who aren’t sure of the strength of their basement will save money in the long run by taking the necessary preventative measures. Call 800.782.9379 to speak with a consultant, or visit our website for more information