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100+ Years of Window Installation Experience

Living in Michigan you are more prone to wetter conditions. This can take the form in rain, snow or even hail storms. When too much moisture starts to accumulate in certain parts of your house it can cause problems to arise, such as mold or a leak in the window. Over years, these elements start to wear down materials keeping your house durable. This is why it’s important to be aware of what’s going on in your house and to regularly check-up on vital parts of your home.

Understandably, not everyone has the experience or knowledge to install new and strong windows. Without the proper information at hand you can end up incorrectly placing the window, which will cost you more money in the long-run. Stay Dry has been in this business for over ten years and we’ve been able to fulfill the many wishes the residents of the state has. With our lifetime warranty available you’ll have someone to call for the rest of the product’s existence.

The Benefits of Changing Your Windows

Creating a product lasting a lifetime isn’t easy, but it’s something we’ve been able to perfect over the years. We’ve been able to accumulate over 100 hours of experience because of our notable professionals. None of our employees are contractors, so you know you’ll get the best treatment. Installing new windows is one of our most popular services available.

Stay Dry uses only the best American made tools for peak performance. We’ll be able to install the window in the exact place you want us too. Our knowledge of foundation repair has allowed us to continually give satisfactory results. We can tear down an already placed wall and completely re-do it to ensure you have everything you need. Doing it yourself is risky, because if installed incorrectly your windows can have a leak or be ineffective.

Saving on Costs

The main purpose for a window is to allow you to see the outside world, but still protect you from external dangers. Securely fastening a window is the only way to accomplish this. This requires the glass to be placed in a proper fashion, or else it can be slanted and be more likely to fall off. You’ll also need to affirm the caulk and glaze being used is properly being slathered on. This will prevent any air from escaping or entering your house.

It’s important to use a professional in this setting because it’s one of the most crucial parts of installing a window. An improperly installed window can cause a leak to appear, which will make it harder for your thermostat to reach it’s set temperature. To compensate for this loss of retention, your furnace or air conditioning unit needs to work twice as hard; resulting in you having to spend more money because of all the extra power being used.

Who Should Install my Windows?

When it comes to window installation there are many companies you can look to. However, many will send out a contractor they hired or try to charge you an unreasonably set price for the work done. Working with Stay Dry to position your windows is guaranteed to improve your life. Whether it’s installing windows for your basement or to build a new wall from scratch we can do what needs to be done.

Being based in Lansing, Michigan—our hometown—has allowed us to see the many problems residents face during these moist seasons. However, Lansing, isn’t our only Michigan location, we have dozens across the state; such as, Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Birmingham, Cadillac, Dearborn, and many more. Contact us now for a free estimate and to learn more about other services available.