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If you are a homeowner in Lansing, Michigan you can understand how climate and weather often work directly against keeping up with home repairs. As new repairs spring up over time, it is important you work with a company in your hometown that can do more for less. Find out more about the best Lansing plumbers in your area.

When you choose a plumbing service to work with, it is important they have your best interest in mind. The plumbing experts at StayDry® Waterproofing have your back, offering affordable repairs to clients in the Tri-State area. We are a local, family owned business that wants homeowners to feel like they are working with family. Learn why choosing local is not only good for the economy but also your home. Additionally, check out the services we offer for your whole home when we make a visit.

Choose Local

Choose local has become increasingly popular for products and produce; however, we are here to take it a step further and apply it to home services. We believe that the best service comes from technicians that not only understand the area but also have homes in the area and would want the same quality work done in their own house.

Our experts have a firm understand of the damage that can occur to your home, and plumbing system, due to unique environmental factors of living in Lansing, Michigan. We work with the land, instead of against, with many of our services outside of plumbing involving foundation repair and installation of sump pumps for homes that have been built below the natural water table.

When it comes to plumbing, everything is interconnected. The pipes could be having issues due to factors such as mold, a shift in your home or even calcium build up within the piping. Learn how using a plumbing service that is licensed to do more than just fix the drains can lead to more comprehensive repairs for your home.

More Than Just Plumbing

At StayDry® Waterproofing we offer a variety of services. Our speciality is keeping water out of your home, and in the right places. Water damage, both from faulty plumbing pipes and the environment can cause untold havoc for your home.

When a plumber makes a home visit, they can often discover other issues that have either caused the leak, or additional damage a faulty pipe has caused. While this is good to know, it is better to be fixed right away.

When you call StayDry® for your plumbing issues in Lansing, Michigan, you will receive more than you bargained for. If our experts discover any type of mold, corrosion or other damage to your home they repair all issues at once.

Emergency Repair Service

Additionally, we offer a twenty-four-hour emergency service, making home visits at any time. We are committed to getting help to homeowners when they need it most.

You should never have to wait to fix a plumbing issue that could lead to greater home damage. We not only fix the immediate plumbing issue, but also take care of any other damage we see and give honest estimates on the cost of repairs. By investing in high-quality work and materials, you are saving yourself and your home for costly future repairs and replacements.

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