Wet and damp basements can lead to a number of problems, both structurally and medically, but the solutions for preventing a damp basement are simple and cost effective. If your basement is flooding, not damp, you should have a StayDry professionally waterproof your home to prevent any further damage to the home’s foundation.


  • Structural- When a basement has become damp as a result of a leak, the structure of the home can be in jeopardy. Concrete can become weakened, causing it to crack and crumble while wood and drywall can begin to rot and decay as a result of water damage. If these problems are not properly repaired, walls and ceilings can collapse as the weakened home tries to hold up the weight of the home.
  • Medical- One of the biggest damp basement problems is mold. Without a dehumidifier, a damp basement can become an ample breeding ground for mold which can lead to respiratory problems and fungal infections. Mold is especially dangerous for seniors, young children, and people with a compromised immune system.

Causes and Solutions

If you have a damp basement, then it could be the result of a minor problem caused by the settling of the house. Settling is when the newly excavated ground beneath a new home becomes compact under the weight of the structure causing the house to settle into the soil. This often leaves minor cracks in the foundation which can allow water to leak into the house. Here at StayDry, we use a high-pressure Polyurethane injection to fill these cracks. Unlike our competitors who use a low-pressure injection method, we use a high pressured injection system to ensure the entire crack is filled to provide a long-lasting solution to any cracks in your foundation.

Another major cause of damp basement problems is water sinking into the ground too close to your basement. There are several do-it-yourself solutions to prevent this from happening, including adjusting your rain gutter system to drain the water at least ten feet away from your home. You can also adjust the slope of the ground around your home to a steeper grade to allow the water to flow away from your home easier in the case of a rainstorm.

Professional waterproofing services may be required if these do-it-yourself solutions don’t make a huge impact. Installing an interior or exterior french drain system or a sump pump in your basement can help drain water away from your house and protect against damp basement problems. If your basement is not just damp but has severe flooding issues, we can install one of our exterior basement waterproofing systems to prevent water from entering your home entirely.

If you are experiencing damp basement problems or if your home is in risk of flooding and is need of our basement waterproofing services or any of the other services we offer, you can contact us here or call us at 800.782.9379.