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100+ Years of Insulation Experience

Every year, the state of Michigan acquires an estimated 50 inches of rain and snow. This starts to wear down the materials used to maintain your home’s durability. Insulating your house is one way to prevent this extreme amount of moisture from damaging where you live. When moisture starts too reach uncomfortable heights it’s capable of rotting away your foundation, rusting any metals and turning cement into a weird mush.

However, not everyone has the understanding or knowledge to completely insulate their home. Luckily, Stay Dry has been in this business for over 10 years and we’ve amassed a collection of successful stories along the way. Being located in our hometown of Lansing, Michigan, we understand many of the problems residents of the state face, which is why we are able to do our job so well. We know what needs to be worked on and what needs future implementations. Working with us will even help you save money on your utility bills.

Save Money on Your Utility Bill

Proper insulation is a vital aspect of owning a home, because it determines how much you spend on your utility bill every month. An improperly insulated home can allow over 60 percent of your paid for air to escape. An estimated 40 percent of heat escapes through the ceiling, while another 25 percent travels through the walls. When this air leaves, it’s replaced with the temperature outside. To counteract the constant shift of temperature in your house, your furnace and/or AC unit has to work double time.

The set temperature in your home is there to keep a relatively comfortable environment, and it does this by measuring how warm or cold it is and then blowing the required air to counter it. If your house is set at 76 degrees for the day, but you have an improperly set-up insulation system during a colder climate—which Michigan is known for—your heating system will have to be constantly running to place it in the proper temperature. Properly insulating your home will drastically fix this and save you money.

What Needs Proper Insulation?

Determining what needs to be properly insulated can be a difficult task to do alone. There are various places where the insulation is required but you might not be aware of. The roof and ceiling, walls, and windows are the most important places for insulation, because they deal with the most amount of weather conditions.

Over time, the moisture can start to wear-down the materials used to keep the house standing. However, with the right professionals, this aging can happen at a much slower rate. Stay Dry has only been able to work for over ten years because of how satisfied our customers are. Our professionals are stocked with only the best American made tools for these type of problems.

Work With Trusted Professionals

Stay Dry has over a 100 years of experience under our belt because of our passionate professionals working for you. We’ll be able to repair or build anything you want at an affordable rate. For instance, some of our most popular services are basement waterproofing, foundation repair and mold control. Our professionals will be able to excavate to the foundation of your house and coat it with several protective layers to keep excess moisture out.

No longer do you have to deal with a flooded basement, because of the cracks in the wall. We’ll be able to seal those cracks with our polyurethane crack injection. Using our high-pressured injection tool, the epoxy will reach every crevice in the wall to ensure the cracks don’t spread. Contact us now for a free estimate and to learn more about our other services.