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100+ Years of Siding Experience

You might have noticed on a couple of your neighbor’s houses a different type of material used on their house. These materials are called “sidings” and they are used for a variety of different reasons; insulating a house, changing the look and even protecting the inside from outside hazards. Many people use vinyl for sidings, but there are different options available, as well; wood, fiber-cement, aluminum and premium vinyl.

When you finally decide on a type of siding you’ll need to install it. Luckily, Stay Dry has over a 100 years of experience under their belt because of the passionate professionals working. We will be able to provide you with the service you deserve. You’ll even have a lifetime warranty when you work with us to ensure you’ll always have someone to call in case of an emergency or for your annual routine, check-up.

What Does Siding Do?

Having siding on your house doesn’t just make your house stand out in the neighborhood, but it will save you money in the long-run. Looking through our services you will see we have a variety of treatments for your home. Furthermore, most of them involves insulating your house and protecting you from excess moisture. In order for us to successfully install these sidings we need to have a complete understanding of what we are doing.

This is one of the reasons why we only hire professionals and avoid the use of contractors. Our professionals will be able to excavate the dirt surrounding your house and coat your home with several coatings of protective barriers. This can be done through our mixture of liquids or a siding. These sidings will help insulate your house, while also preventing any hazards from entering.

Over time, your house’s natural durability will start to corrode. This is why many homes have problems keeping in heat, because the walls have hit a soft point. An estimated 25 percent of heat escapes your home through the walls because of improper insulation. To balance this out, the sidings will help stabilize the wall and strengthen it. When too much moisture starts entering your home it is capable of rusting the metals inside the house. It will also start to rot away the foundation and turn the cement into a weird mush. Mold can even start to form in your walls and ceiling without proper protections.

Who Should Install Siding onto My House?

Living in Michigan, you are prone to wetter conditions; an estimated 50 inches of snow and rain enter the state every year. To avoid the consequences of being unprepared many people fortify their homes with the best materials. Stay Dry hasn’t just been working for over ten years in this industry, we’ve also stayed in the hometown we were raised in. This gives us an advantage over our competitors because we know what’s needed to keep a home safe. Contact us now for a free estimate or to learn more about our other services.