Water damage can cause more problems than simply a wet floor. Basement flooding can lead to a number of structural deficiencies and can even cause cracks in your foundation to form. This is especially true in Ypsilanti where temperatures fluctuate with the seasons and precipitation is no stranger. This can cause your foundation to settle or bow.

At StayDry Waterproofing, we aim to provide our customers and fellow Ypsilanti residents with the best waterproofing and foundation repair services to protect their homes. We understand how dangerous a settling foundation can be, and we recommend any homeowner who notices settling or bowing gets the problem resolved immediately. In this guide, you can learn about the problems caused by settling foundations and how we can help correct the issue.

The Problem

Settling can be expected for most every home’s foundation. Minor settling can cause cracks to form in the foundation which can easily be repaired with our high-pressure crack injection service. However, more extensive settling is cause for concern, especially when winter is approaching.

The weight of snowfall on your home can cause settling to become more of an issue and can harm the structural integrity of your Ypsilanti home. In fact, in severe cases of settlement, your home’s foundation can give way and cause your home to collapse. Additionally, bowing can form as a result of water pressing on the exterior of your basement walls or the soil expanding during winter months.

Both settling and bowing are to be avoided as they require extensive repairs, which, luckily, StayDry is apt at providing.

The Solution

Correcting issues caused by settling and bowing foundation walls usually requires more extensive services than our traditional waterproofing methods. One of our fortress stabilization services will be required to restore the strength to your home’s foundation. Some of the fortress stabilization services we provide Ypsilanti residents are:

  • Wall Straightening: Also known as shear reinforcement, wall straightening is a sound stabilization technique for minor bowing or settlement issues. We drill holes into the damaged concrete and reinforce it with 16-inch rebar before filling the holes with cement. This leaves you with a sturdy, reinforced foundation.
  • Wall Rebuilds: If settlement or bowing damage is more extensive, your foundation may require a partial or complete wall rebuild. This is exactly what it sounds like. We will have to work carefully to remove the damaged walls and rebuild the foundation of your home.
  • Steel Brace Reinforcement: Another method of fortress stabilization we use is steel brace reinforcement. Steel I-beams are attached to floor joists and then bolted to the concrete floor of your foundation. This method is perfect for correcting serious foundation issues.


Fortress stabilization can offer a number of benefits for your home and foundation. In addition to providing added support for your home, our fortress stabilization services can help prevent settling and bowing from occurring again in the future. Regardless of the service used on your Ypsilanti home, your foundation will be left in better condition than it was prior.


At StayDry, we bring the same passion and expertise to our fortress stabilization services as we do our waterproofing solutions. Whether you are in need of a minor repair such as wall straightening or something more extensive, like a wall rebuild, we can help you every step of the way to help provide the solution that best fits your foundation needs. Check out what some of our previous customers have had to say about our high-quality services.

Brian did an excelled job waterproofing the 7 cracks in the basement wall. First, Keith removed the paneling, tore out the insulation, and cleaned up. Then Brian came and did an excellent job filling in the cracks. Because there was mold, Matt came and did a concrobium mold treatment. All three were very diligent and did a great job. I am very happy with their work and would hire them again. – Ann K.

The folks at StayDry are just wonderful! From the owners down they are friendly, kind and honest genuinely caring about customers is far and few these days but, you count on these guys to do things right and with integrity! If you scroll through the rest of the amazing reviews you will see that their work is no short of excellence! And they will travel anywhere in Michigan. Great operation truly impressed! – David Mears

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