Living in a moist area such as Michigan can spell disaster for the crawl space beneath your home. Failing to keep your crawl space dry and conditioned can eventually destroy your home and pose risks to your family’s health. While every home without a basement foundation can benefit from crawl space waterproofing, the following indicators demand your immediate attention.

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Health Problems

Musty Odor in Your Home

Are you greeted with a stale stench upon entering your front door? That smell doesn’t just come out of thin air- it’s caused by moisture. As soon as you notice a damp or musty smell in your house, you need to find the source of the problem. When searching, don’t rule out the possibility that your crawl space could be the culprit. Due to a phenomenon called the stack effect, your home draws air up from your crawl space as part of the ongoing airflow. If you have a wet crawl space, your home is sucking up damp air, which can cause the musty odor.


Do you find yourself sneezing often at home or rubbing your nose and eyes? This is probably due to allergies. If you have a damp crawl space under your home (and especially if you notice the musty smell inside), chances are you have mold growing. Because mold spores travel by air, the air being sucked up into your home is bound to carry minute particles of mold, not to mention other allergens. A home suffering from this problem may cause occupants to suffer from allergies while inside, but clear up when they leave the house for a few hours.

Signs of Visual Damage To Your Crawl Space

Sagging Floors

If you notice your floors randomly sagging, the cause might not be so random. Extended exposure to water can rot the wooden floor joists underneath your home. As a result, your floors will become uneven over time. Crawl space waterproofing can prevent moisture damage to your floor joists.

High Electricity Bills

Rising electricity costs may indicate that your crawl space air is invading your home, causing your air conditioner or heater to run less efficiently. In this situation, homeowners traditionally point fingers at poor attic insulation and outdated single-paned windows. However, having established that your unsealed crawl space delivers air to the inside of your home, it’s logical to conclude that this may also lead to higher energy consumption. Crawl space waterproofing and conditioning will seal the walls and vents of your crawl space and will in turn cause your air conditioning or heating system to run more effectively.

Insect Infestation

Insects such as spiders, slugs and roaches thrive in humid areas, including under your home. These insects have a way of finding passage into your house where they wreak havoc. Before calling an exterminator, consider crawl space waterproofing and conditioning. Doing so might stop an insect invasion from below your home.

Visual Damage To Your Crawl Space

The primary indicators that you need crawl space repair are the visual signs beneath your home. Of course, this requires you getting on your hands and knees and venturing into the darkness of your crawl space. Once under your home, first look for standing water. If you find water, you likely have a problem. Next, look for any signs of wood rot. Also search for moldy spots and insect infestation. Any of these may signify your need for crawlspace repair.

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