Michigan winters are some of the coldest in the nation. With temperatures below 20 for days at a time, winter is a dangerous time for your basement. After 5 hours at 20°F your pipes will freeze and break. This could cause a flood which often times costs thousands of dollars to recover from. In order to avoid this situation completely, you should have a sump pump installed in your basement. Sump pumps pull any extra water in your sump basin out of your home and away from your foundation to prevent sitting water that will freeze your pipes over time.

If you have a sump pump already, you should also have a sump pump alarm warning system. Although sump pumps are usually reliable, on occasion they do fail either from a lack of proper maintenance or extreme weather conditions. With a sump pump alarm warning system, you can rest easy knowing the status of your sump pump, even if you are away on vacation.

The PumpSpy: A StayDry® Exclusive

There are many different sump pump alarm warning systems available. Some are more basic while others feature new technology. At StayDry® we have created the PumpSpy, a one-of-a-kind sump pump monitoring system.

How It Works

The PumpSpy will keep you updated on the status of your sump pump system. PumpSpy can anticipate flooding issues before they happen. Your home’s PumpSpy will collect data and send it to our data center where we record and analyze the information 24/7. If there is a problem, the PumpSpy will warn you if issues are detected. You will receive notifications via text message, email or through our website that are clear and easy to understand so you can understand the issue and get the proper help you need. The PumpSpy uses a built-in cellular data module meaning it will continue to work even if the power goes out.

When you buy the PumpSpy you will receive a backup battery and controller that will monitor any changes in the sump pump. You will also receive a backup pump that can be activated automatically by the PumpSpy. The backup pump has a higher capacity than most backup pumps with 12V. You also get extra float sensors that will turn on your sump pump manually if a pipe breaks.

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