If you are finishing your basement, you know it is incredibly important to make sure your basement is safe from moisture. The Michigan climate tends to introduce harsh weather conditions with summer storms and heavy snowfall in the winter. Tie rod holes are a common cause of leaks in the basement, so you’ll need services to address these issues.

Luckily, StayDry Waterproofing provides a wide array of services to Michigan homes to keep their basements safe and dry. Waterproofing is a crucial step in finishing a basement, so it’s important to be aware of all the threats your basement may be facing during wet weather conditions. Here is some information about tie rod hole leaks and the role they play in finishing a basement.

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How Tie Rod Holes Cause Leaky Basement Issues

Unfortunately, tie rod holes are incredibly common in cement structures and cement basements. In older construction work, cement forms were held together by wood and steel rods. Once the cement dried, the wood and steel rods were removed and the steel rods would leave tiny holes in the cement.

These tie rod holes were set in uniform rows one foot above the ground and 5 feet above the ground. If they begin to leak, they are easily distinguishable by their quarter sized mark and unsightly stains that fall to the floor. The stains are caused by the water and the tie rod holes need to be plugged to keep the water from dripping into your basement.

Waterproof For Successful Basement Finishing

StayDry offers a range of services that will give you a dry basement for your projects. We can repair tie rod holes with our polyurethane injections, french drains, dehumidifiers, and sump products. These waterproofing methods are an important part of the finishing process. They will keep moisture out of the back of your walls.

Our Santa Fe Dehumidifier will drastically reduce the moisture in your basement. This is perfect for the midwestern humidity and snow melt later in the year. French drains and sump pumps are designed to move water out of your basement and home while Polyurethane injections seal those unsightly tie rod holes and keep your home dry. All of these products are key to basement finishing.

Leaks Can Ruin Basement Finishing

All leaks in your basement need to be addressed before you do any basement finishing work. Not addressing any water damage can lead to serious structural damage and crumbling walls. If these cement walls are not repaired before you start your work, the water will continue to leak through and ruin any of the work you’ve done.

The water that soaks in through tie rod holes will penetrate the back area behind your finished basement. The water can damage any insulation you’ve put behind your walls and eat away at the wooden walls you’ve put in. Without the right tools in place, your basement will need extensive repairs for water damage.

Get An Audit of Your Basement From StayDry

StayDry will provide a holistic audit of your space and determine what services are needed to ensure your basement will be dry during wet weather. If you’d like a StayDry hero to help with your basement finishing project, be sure to contact us here or give us a call at 800.782.9379!