Basement flooding and water damage is a huge issue for homes in wet climates. Michigan is no stranger to summer rainstorms and heavy snowfall during the winter months. Homeowners need to take the necessary precautions and waterproof their homes to keep from structural damage. Tie rod hole leaks are a common culprit for water damage in your basement.

StayDry® Waterproofing offers a wide variety of waterproofing services to keep your basement safe and dry. Tie rod hole leak repair is a service designed to address one of the most common leaks in the basement. These quarter sized stains are easily noticeable on the walls of basements and often leave leak marks stretched to the floor. Learn more about tie rod hole leaks and how our repair services help.

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Tie Rod Hole Leaks

A tie rod hole leak is a leak that comes through a tie rod hole. The hole is about the size of a quarter and the water that leaks through leaves a stain on your wall. These holes can be one foot to five feet above the ground. It’s not easy to avoid these types of leaks because tie rod holes are often the result of construction of your home.

With older construction, concrete structures were held together by steel rods every 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet. The steel rods were placed in rows within the concrete form. Once removed, they left tiny holes called rod holes. These are incredibly common in older homes and often lead to leaks in basements.

Repair Leaks With Polyurethane Injection

StayDry® Waterproofing utilizes the polyurethane injection method to repair tie rod hole leaks for Michigan clients. Many competitors choose to offer plugs that can be placed in the rod hole and the solution is billed as a do-it-yourself project. Unfortunately, this method is a short-term investment and doesn’t ensure that the leak will be stopped. There are cracks that form within the tie rod holes and cause more water to leak through your walls.

There are many reasons the polyurethane injection is a better solution than the plug option. Our polyurethane material is able to fix both the holes and the cracks that have formed adjacent to the holes. The plug only takes care of the whole, but the polyurethane will seal any cracks within the holes that are causing leaks. We also back our service with our industry-leading lifetime transferrable warranty.

Dangers of Water Damage

Tie rod holes are unsightly and the water leaking through the holes can cause a lot of damage to your foundation and anything stored in the basement. The water damage can compromise your structural integrity and call for more expensive repairs. It is important to address these issues before they cause sever damage to your home. Our tie rod hole leak repair services are designed to keep your home dry and prevent water from entering your home.

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