Your basement may be a place you hang out every day, or an area beneath your house that you never visit. Regardless of its frequency of use, your basement may suffer water damage if not properly insulated, especially if it is situated below the natural water table. Homeowners in Michigan can attest to this constant battle with weather and moisture within the household. Learn how to prepare for, and prevent, water in your basement.

At StayDry® Waterproofing, we are in the business of preparing homeowners in the Tri-State area to expect the unexpected. We are open twenty-four hours, putting our clients needs first when they need us most. Finding water in a basement, or crawl space area, can not only pose structural threats but also affect health negatively if left unattended. Learn what to do if you find water in your basement, the importance of basement waterproofing for Michigan locals, and how to schedule an annual maintenance call.

Immediate Action

While ideally, homeowners will never have to experience basement flooding or leakage, it is common to many Michigan homes. The next step is dealing with the situation immediately, as to not cause further damage to your home.

When you first find water in your basement the first step is to locate where the leak is coming from. It is not always an outdoor source, as broken HVAC units, and other such appliances can cause leaks. However, if it does seem to be coming from outside of the home, it is entering by some means of opening or crack.

If you can identify where the leak is coming from, patch the leak as best you can to lessen the amount of water damage. Once this is done, it is time to get rid of the water. If you own an industrial vacuum that can take in water, this is the fastest method.

Natural evaporation, if not raining or storming outside, is the second step. Let natural air in, and substitute with fans to dry out basement area and attempt to evaporate water.

It may take some time for water to be completely eliminated, and this is when a professional service should be called in. StayDry® Waterproofing is an all-hours service, knowing that disaster doesn’t strike just nine to five.

Basement Waterproofing

Once the immediate clean up has been done, the next step is to clean, remove mold, and waterproof your basement. While the foundation, or carpet, may feel dry to touch it is common that moisture will still be built up in walls, under carpet and other hard to reach places that are breeding grounds for mold.

Our expert waterproofing teams will give homeowners a free estimate of what it would cost to ensure that your basement is not only mold and mildew free, but also water resistant for the future.

The benefits far outweigh the cost of waterproofing as this will prevent mold from growing and damaging your foundation. Additionally, when you work with StayDry® we guarantee that we will perform high-quality installations, ensuring you do not face these same issues again.

Our services extend from waterproofing to installing vapor barriers if you live in particularly humid areas, as well as insulation if you are looking to save on your energy bill and stay warm throughout the winter.Whatever your need, we have it covered with our twenty-four hour services.

Annual Maintenance

By having your home inspected annually you can spot leaks, fix foundational cracks, replace insulation and prepare for the unexpected. This also allows homeowners to better understand how to care for their homes, making minor fixes a job for the household and not a repair call.

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