Michigan weather is known for its extreme winters and wet, melting springs. Sadly this means lots of homeowners struggle with leaking or flooding in their basements. At StayDry® our team is passionate about waterproofing homes. We have over 100 years in the industry so we know exactly what your home needs to stay dry all year long.

In order remove water in the basement or crawlspace, a sump pump system is installed. Sump pumps remove water that has collected in the sump basin. It then moves the water outside, away from the foundation of the home to prevent any damage. Ideally, the sump pump would be enough protection for your home. However, sometimes sump pumps systems fail due to extreme weather conditions or lack of maintenance. When this happens it is best to know as soon as possible so the issue can be addressed, and fixed, immediately. That’s why an alarm for water in basement is a great investment.

PumpSpy by StayDry®

The PumpSpy is an exclusive product created by StayDry®. It is an alarm designed to alert you when problems with your sump pump system arise. Flooding can happen anytime, day or night so we have a team monitoring your StayDry® sump pump system 24/7. With the PumpSpy you are able to view the status of your sump pump through our website. You can also receive notifications via text message or email. We want to be aware of what’s happening in your home.

The PumpSpy has built-in cellular data module so you won’t need wifi or a phone hookup for it to run. When you purchase the PumpSpy you also receive a backup battery, extra float sensors and a backup pump. It also comes with a warranty.

StayDry®: The Best Option In Michigan

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