Bowed Foundation Wall Repair

Bowed foundation walls are a scary sight for homeowners. The structural integrity of your foundation walls is nothing to take lightly — basement walls collapse all too often, and your family’s safety could be at risk.

If a wall or walls in your home are bowing, you can contact the experts at StayDry® Waterproofing for a free, no-pressure consultation. We can assess the cause of the damage and give you the best options for repair.

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What Causes a Wall to Bow Out?

Bulging or bowing foundation walls happen when pressure is placed on your foundation by freezing or evaporating moisture in soft and clay soils around your home. As the soil outside your basement walls absorbs water, it swells. This pressure can eventually cause a wall to crack or, in more serious cases, start bowing.

How to Fix a Bowed Wall: Bowed Basement Wall Repair Methods

The best repair method for your bowed foundation wall will depend on the severity of the issue. A slightly bowed wall can be straightened with shear reinforcement or stabilized with carbon fiber/kevlar straps. Moderate to severe bowing, on the other hand, may require reinforcement with steel beams or even need to be rebuilt completely.

Our team of experts will assess your foundation problems for free and offer a range of options for repair. Contact us at 1-800-STAY-DRY® for a no-pressure consultation today.

Slightly Bowed Basement Wall

Wall Straightening (Shear Reinforcement)

This is a smart, affordable repair option that can return a wall back to its original plumb state. After securely placing thick wood posts and blocks, our professionals drill holes into the blocks and reinforce them with 16-inch steel rebar. Finally, the cores are filled with concrete to the height of the drilled holes, and the holes are filled with cement. This comprehensive reinforcement is ideal for foundation walls with only a slight curvature.

This bowed wall repair method uses advanced technology that stops the wall from shifting without the need for outside excavation. The high-strength materials present minimal obtrusion or obstruction.

Moderate to Severe Bowing

StayWall® Steel Brace Reinforcement

With the StayWall™ technique, steel I-beams are attached to the floor joists of the home and then either bolted to or set beneath the concrete floor of the foundation. While they do create some obtrusion in the basement, they can be the perfect solution for more serious problems. We offer a 10-year warranty for the StayWall™ service.

Complete or Partial Block Wall Rebuilds

This is the recommended method of foundation repair for walls that are too far gone to correct with the aforementioned methods. It provides the ultimate peace of mind and a brand-new look for your basement.

Bowed Basement Wall Repair Cost

How much it costs to repair a bowed foundation wall will depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the bowing, the method used to repair it, and the number of labor hours required.

Our experienced team members can assess your bowed wall(s) and give you a free estimate for repair.

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