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We do basement waterproofing in Michigan right the first time, so you can stop worrying and get on with the things that matter. You won’t find any subcontractors here—just dedicated professionals who will make it right. For good. We do basement waterproofing in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana. If you’re not sure you’re covered, check out this map of our locations. Whether it’s an emergency or you just want to get your house ready for Michigan’s wild weather, contact us now to get a free estimate and get on your way to a dry, worry-free basement. You can also call 1-800-782-9379 to get in touch with one of our experts.

Take a minute to learn more about our French drain installation, our crack injection services, and our exterior solutions. The sooner the better, too, as water entry in your Michigan home is often quite damaging. From damaged possessions to a weakened home structure, you won’t want to mess around with basement flooding. In contrast, it’s recommended you ensure your home is properly prepared before water makes its way in. When it does, the aforementioned damages will be soon to follow, among other issues. Whether you need a simple basement leak repair or full on waterproofing, StayDry has you covered. Check out a run down of our main services below.

What Kind of Basement Waterproofing Do I Need in Michigan?

A Detroit Interior French Drain System being installed

Interior French Drain System Installation in Michigan

If your basement fills with water after a rainstorm, we might suggest installing a French drain system. A common, proven approach the French drain has been installed for nearly 150 years. StayDry uses the Hydroflo system, which is backed by a 100 percent fully transferable lifetime warranty. Learn more about our French drain installation. The French Drain is one of the best ways to fix basement leak repair in Michigan.

Detroit, MI external basement installation

Michigan Exterior Basement Waterproofing System

When moisture- and wetness-causing conditions are more substantial, exterior waterproofing may be the ideal solution. StayDry’s contractors have a considerable amount of experience with excavating soil and installing several protective barriers between a home’s foundation and the outside elements. Our exterior basement waterproofing method is backed by a 10-year warranty.

Detroit, Mi contractor doing Polyurethane Crack Injection

Polyurethane Crack Injection

Poured concrete foundations are notorious for their tendency to develop vertical cracks. If left unchecked, these cracks can expand and become easy targets for water penetration. For homes or businesses in which this has happened, StayDry recommends polyurethane crack injection. We use a high-pressure injection tool so that the epoxy expands all the way through the crack, from the exterior to the interior. Like our French drains, our crack injection services come with a lifetime warranty. Read more about basement crack repair.


Basement Waterproofing for Homeowners

Are you looking for basement waterproofing in a particular area of Michigan? We provide services in the following areas: Southeast Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, Western Michigan, and Northern Michigan. We also provide our services to Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana.