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Michigan receives more year-round moisture than almost any other state. Snow in the winter and rainfall in the summer creates soggy soil. Water sitting in the soil around home foundations puts pressure against the outside walls of your home. When this hydrostatic pressure becomes too high, it will look for a release. Any cracks or weaknesses in your basement walls will let water inside your home and could lead to thousands of dollars in damage. Protecting your home against outside moisture is much more affordable than paying for repairs.

Those looking to protect their homes from the elements should call StayDry for a free consultation today. An expert will arrive at your home and inspect your basement for cracks and weak spots. Then, they will advise you on the best way to effectively move water away from your home and seal all the cracks in your walls. Those who have recently moved into a new house should have a professional inspect their foundation walls. If the soil around a home wasn’t properly tested, then it could shift and cause structural weakness. While foundation settling is normal, too much could lead to weak walls and basement flooding

As a family-owned business, we value long-term relationships with our customers. After calling us for an obligation-free consultation, we will send an honest professional to your home. We believe in providing Michigan residents with home security by making sure rain and groundwater stay on the outside. Read more to find out about interior waterproofing.

How Interior Basement Waterproofing Works

Interior waterproofing is one of the last lines of defense against outside water. We apply a damp-proofing layer to the inside of the walls to protect against seeping moisture. Then, we insulate it with another layer that keeps heat in while also fortifying the wall against increased hydrostatic pressure. With over 100 years of combined experience, StayDry technicians are master installers and they will seal the edges of the damp-proofing layer and completely cover the inside wall. If the edges are not properly sealed, then your home will still be at risk of flooding. So, it’s important to call the experts.

Check Out StayDry’s Other Services

In addition to interior basement waterproofing, StayDry provides services such as crack sealing, exterior waterproofing, wall fortification, and sump pump installation. We make sure the water inside and outside your house is properly redirected. Often times, basement leakage is a result of faulty drainage systems. Calling a StayDry expert will ensure that you receive the proper consultation to restore your home and prevent further water damage.

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