Michigan Mold Treatment

Let StayDry® Get Rid of Your Mold Problems

Control your mold! That black growth on your walls is doing nothing for your decor. And your respiratory system is none too pleased, either.

Besides being proof of water accumulation and excessive moisture, mold can cause some pretty serious health problems, especially for young ones and grandparents. Don’t take a chance on your family’s health—let’s discuss your options for mold treatment.

basement mold removal

StayDry® Mold Treatment: Never Worry About Your Basement or Crawl Space Again!

We use Concrobium - we don’t fool around with mold and mildew treatment. This mold treatment is safer and more effective than bleach. Unlike bleach, Concrobium does not produce harmful vapors. It also kills the roots of the mold so that it doesn’t grow back.

Looking for preventive mold control? We’re your basement dehumidifier gurus. And for basements with water leaks and frequent flooding, waterproofing methods and products like sump pumps can help keep your basement dry and lower the humidity levels in your home.

We’ll show you where to look for mold, so you can take back your basement.

StayDry® employees pride themselves on their experience and expertise. We’ve been dealing with mold for a number of years, providing clear solutions to homeowners.

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Concrobium mold control eliminates and prevents mold and mildew, eliminates musty odors, contains no bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or harmful chemicals
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Mold Treatment Services in Michigan

Map of Michigan with pins in location StayDry has served in including Ann Arbor, Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo

StayDry®’s service area includes all of Michigan, including Detroit, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and more. We also offer mold treatment services in Northern Ohio and Northern Indiana.

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