Waterproofing Your Basement With Paint Simply Isn’t Enough

In this article, we are going to discuss whether or not waterproofing paint is a good solution for your basement. Paint to waterproof your basement is available at most home centers. It’s cheap and effective but doesn’t keep the water out. If you’re thinking about using waterproofing paint on your basement this summer, we highly recommend against it. At StayDry, we recommend our free inspection to assess your needs and the right service to get the job done.

Pros and Cons of Basement Waterproofing Paint

As we have emphasized thoroughly, basement waterproofing paint is a short-term solution. It works well for about a year and has the following immediate short-term benefits:

  • Paint effectively reduces fungal smells by putting an airtight seal over your basement wall.
  • Creates an effective seal and locks moisture out of your basement.
  • Erects a layer that keeps moisture out.

However, we have found that waterproofing paint creates several problems in the long term:

  • Paint does not waterproof a basement. These paints are engineered to plug moisture and block it from entering your home. In the long run, moisture actually builds up inside of the wall.
  • Blistering and shelling will happen over time, eliminating the bond that keeps moisture from entering your basement.
  • Hydrostatic pressure from the paint can cause moisture to build up within your basement walls and foundation, actually making existing problems infinitely worse.

Simply Put, Waterproofing Paint Won\’t Keep Your Basement Dry This Summer

Let\’s face it. At the end of the day, basement waterproofing paint is just paint. It does not keep water out of your basement. Some of these paints that you get at your local home center do contain epoxy, but they are often the standard paint that you would use on other areas of your home.

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