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Your home does a great job of hiding the more unaesthetic and unappealing sides of the plumbing system that helps your home run properly. However, this system still needs to be taken care of properly to not cause damage to your home. One area that is forgotten about is the floor drains found at the base of your home. This helps eliminate any excess water and is where piping usually flows too. Leaving this area clogged can pose a threat to you and your home. Learn how you can schedule a floor drain cleaning today.

When you hire StayDry® Waterproofing, you are working with a team that knows what it means to be a Michigan homeowner. We help keep your home running smoothly with the many home services we provide and our 24/7 emergency hours. Find out more today about what floor drain cleaning is and why your home may need it.

What Is Floor Drain Cleaning

Your home’s floor drain is usually located in areas such as the basement, laundry room, garages or other lower level areas in your home. These drains were designed to keep excess water out of your home. Water isn’t the only thing that can flow into these drains, however, often dirt and debris get mixed in and can cause a blockage to the drain.

Homeowners can easily clean dirt and debris away from the opening of the drain, but if a pipe has experienced continual dirt and debris building up in the drain it may take a professional to properly maintain the pipe.

If you do not know where you homes floor draining pipes are located, then there is a good chance they have been covered up or blocked, and working with a professional service can not only help you identify the drain but also clear it out so it can serve your home properly.

How it Helps Your Home

When a pipe if left unattended to for an extended period of time, this can not only collect mold, mildew, and bacteria but also pose as a flooding threat. These floor drains, from the ones in your shower to the ones in your basement, are essential in keeping unwanted moisture out of your home.

Once your home as experienced water damage it is much harder to keep up with the repairs that may follow. The cost adds up and many of the threats of water damage are not seen immediately.

Don’t wait until you have already experienced the backlash of a clogged drain. Take precaution and save money by calling StayDry® today.

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Our professionals are ready to respond to a plumbing emergency at any time of day. We offer a 24/7 service that gets you help when you need it. We also ensure that our plumbers have the most up to date licensing and practices making them the best in the business.

Don’t believe us? Check our testimonials from clients that we partner with to help them take to the next level of home ownership.

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