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At StayDry® Waterproofing we are proud to have helped homeowners in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti areas fix their basement water issues.

Our commitment to reliability and quality of waterproofing work shows from the initial contact with our office to the specialist who performs the inspection and estimate to the work crews who get the job done. Basement waterproofing is what gave StayDry® our name and we do it better and more effectively than any other.

After your free estimate, we will leave you with a referral list filled with hundreds of happy customers in Washtenaw County who have had our interior or exterior basement waterproofing work completed in their homes. We encourage you to call and speak with them, the greatest compliment we can receive is when our customers recommend our work.

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Common Causes of Basement Water in Ann Arbor, MI

Water in your basement can cause many problems: mold, mildew, and even something as serious as foundational damage to your home.

Pinning down the cause of a wet or flooded basement or crawl space can be difficult, as there are a multitude of things that could cause it. Water can come in from:

  • Over the top of the wall
  • Floor drains
  • Tie rods
  • Cracks or damage in the basement wall
  • Cracks in the basement floor
  • Inadequate rain water drainage around home
  • Window wells
  • Broken water lines

No matter the cause of basement moisture, water is water, and the problem will need to be resolved. Once you’ve determined why water is entering your basement, you will need to take the proper steps towards fixing it.

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Basement Waterproofing and Repair Solutions

The best way to clean up water in your basement and waterproof your home is to call an expert. StayDry offers a number of waterproofing solutions in the Ann Arbor area:

Basement waterproofing. We offer both interior and exterior waterproofing services to prevent water damage and flooding in your home. Our experts will assess your current situation and give you the best options for repair — as well as a free estimate — so you can be on your way to a dry, worry-free basement.

Crack injection and foundation repair. Cracks, gaps, or breaks in your foundation can all let in water and weaken the structural integrity of your home. Concerning cracks can be injected with polyurethane to seal them and keep them from getting larger, while more severe damage may require other foundation repair services, such as wall straightening, fortress stabilization, or steel brace reinforcement.

French drain installation. French drain systems redirect groundwater away from the house and lowers the hydrostatic pressure against your basement walls. At StayDry, we use the modern Hydroflo French drain system for the most precise water drainage.

Sump pump installation. We can install sump pumps to help pump out the water that pools in your basement or crawl space. Our sump pumps are the best cast-iron sump pumps and the most energy efficient that the industry has to offer.

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What Happens if You Go Without Repair?

If you leave water or moisture in your home or basement, you will not only damage your home’s foundation but you will also create a perfect environment for mold and mildew. This can cause respiratory problems and illness, especially for those that are vulnerable, such as small children and older people.

Water can also dry rot wood, and cause cracks in concrete, compromising the structural integrity of your home, and costing you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs for something that could have been as simple as filling a crack or replacing a few wooden foundation beams.

StayDry® can help you extinguish the mold in your Ann Arbor home, remove standing water, and help create a safer, dryer environment for your family.

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No matter what your home waterproofing needs are, we’ve got you covered at StayDry®! If you live in Ann Arbor and have standing water or moisture in your basement, give us a call. You can reach us anytime, day or night, at 1-800-STAY-DRY®. Our team of trained, dedicated experts are ready and waiting to jump into action to help solve even the toughest of problems.

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