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Michigan Ave. in Corktown, Detroit MI
Michigan Ave. in Corktown, Detroit MI

The Great Lakes and Lake St. Clair have a major impact on the climate in Detroit. The lake effect causes summers to be abnormally humid with substantial rainfall. Winters, in comparison, are cold and filled with snowy days. In fact, Detroit averages more than 40 inches of snow every year!

With this substantial amount of precipitation comes potential water damage to Detroit basements. Water damage can cause a basement to become the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, whose spores can cause health issues like asthma and even lung infections. Structural damage to the home’s foundation is also a concern with water damage.

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StayDry®'s Detroit Basement Waterproofing Services

The devastating effects of flooding and water damage are nothing to take lightly. Here at StayDry, we recommend everyone in the Detroit area has their home waterproofed to prevent these disasters. Here are some of the high-quality waterproofing and repair services we offer Detroit residents:

If your home is at greater risk of flooding, we also offer our exterior basement waterproofing services. This involves exposing the foundation of your home and covering it in a waterproof barrier. While this is more extensive, it is one of our more popular and effective services.

The Detroit, MI Skyline
The Detroit, MI Skyline

Due to the heavy moisture around the Great Lakes, many Michigan homes come with sump pumps. However, a low-quality pump can stop working and result in a flooded basement.

When it comes to keeping your basement dry, you need StayDry®'s high-quality sump pumps. Since 2006, we have installed cast-iron pumps that are long-lasting and energy efficient. They are the best pumps in the industry, and they will keep your home dry during summer rains and winter snowmelt.

For Detroit residents that want to make sure their basement stays dry over the weekend, we offer the PitBoss+ Sump Pump Smart Outlet which uses your home’s WiFi to monitor your sump pump 24/7. If a problem with your pump is detected, the PitBoss+ Smart Outlet sends alerts to your smartphone so you can take action.

sump pump smart outlet three step process: plug smart outlet into wall, plug your sump pump into the smart outlet, get the FREE mobile app to monitor the pump and receive text alerts

There are two kinds of basement cracks: vertical and horizontal. Vertical cracks are common, and they usually occur after a foundation settles. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, can be an indication that there is something wrong with your foundation.

With StayDry®, concrete cracks don’t stand a chance. Our high-pressure polyurethane injection system will seal the crack and prevent water from leaking through. Unlike other low-pressure injections, StayDry® service is built to last. We don’t cut corners, and we assure that each job only needs to happen once. We are so confident in our crack injection system that we offer a lifetime guarantee.

crack in basement wall
bowing walls repair

French drain systems redirect groundwater away from the house and lowers the hydrostatic pressure against your basement walls.

At StayDry®, we use a proven French drain system to protect your Detroit basement from water damage. Unlike the box system preferred by many of our competitors, the Hydroflo is a modern French drain with superior strength and a round shape that allows for more precise drainage.

completed french drain

Water in your basement can cause a buildup of hydrostatic pressure that weakens your foundation. This can create a safety hazard and the potential for more costly damage .

StayDry® offers a number of foundation repair services in Detroit, including wall straightening, fortress stabilization, steel brace reimbursement, and complete or partial wall rebuilds. Our foundation repair experts can provide a free in-home estimate to assess the damage and help you find the most efficient and cost-efficient repair solution for your home.

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If your Detroit home has not been waterproofed or is showing signs of water damage, we are here to help. Our experts are some of the best in the industry and we can help you choose the best Detroit basement waterproofing method for your home.

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