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Most Michigan homeowners share a common cause for concern: basement flooding. However, while basement floods can present extensive damage to your home, that’s not to say flooding is the only issue you should beware of. Your home’s crawl space can present equally-concerning problems to not just your home, but the health of everyone inside as well. In short, crawl space repair and encapsulation are common necessities here in the midwest, considering the constant humidity and above-average precipitation year round.

Quite often, homeowners neglect their crawl spaces thinking it’s simply an empty space under the home and nothing more. Though it offers little use, that empty space can actually pose a variety of issues to your home, especially when it comes to living in Michigan. To prevent these issues, which we’ll cover below, StayDry® can encapsulate your home’s crawl space and keep you safe from the potential dangers. Before we get there, let’s first take a look at the dangers a crawl space can present.

Potential Dangers of a Crawl Space

Seeing as how many appliances and parts of such run through your home’s crawl space, such as ductwork and plumbing pipes, this area of the home is prone to moisture and the resulting mold growth. Moisture will affect the comfort of your home, making you feel colder in the winter and clammy in the summer. The mold growth, on the other hand, will present health risks to anyone living within the home. Then you have to consider the home’s structure. Any excess moisture within the crawl space can cause cracks and weakening in woods beams and concrete walls. Any damage to these can compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Furthermore, a poorly insulated crawl space (which is quite typical) will allow air from outside to enter the home, affecting the temperature levels within, which ultimately increases energy usage and costs of such. Between the health and safety risks, as well as energy costs, a poorly insulated crawl space can clearly present quite the number of issues. With this, crawl space encapsulation is always recommended to keep you and your Michigan home safe—and StayDry® can help.

Crawl Space Repair for Oakland County

Whether it’s poorly insulated pipes or a lack of a vapor barrier, moisture in your Michigan home’s crawl space is always an issue—and insulation is almost always the solution. However, if your crawl space has already succumbed to problems like mold growth or foundation cracks, StayDry® can help. We offer a range of effective, quality services to keep our fellow homeowners safe and their energy bills low. You can find more information on our crawl space services below:

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