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If you have ever had water damage in your home, you understand the cost and anxiety that comes as a result. With dozens of inches of rain/snowfall in Rochester Hills every year, water issues are bound to be a problem. At StayDry Waterproofing, we are committed to keeping your home safe and dry.

Our services include: interior and exterior basement waterproofing, foundation and crawl space repair, crack injection repair, sump pumps, French drains and many other services. Our friendly staff will work with you and your budget to give you a solution that fits your needs. Call us at 1-800-STAY-DRY for your obligation-free consultation today!

Between an average amount of rainfall and above-average snowfall each year, not to mention the effects from the surrounding Great Lakes, Rochester Hills, Michigan receives a great deal of precipitation year-round. In fact, Rochester Hills residents can expect approximately 120 precipitation days out of the year, which is decently more than the US average.

As a result, residents of Rochester Hills should consider having their basements waterproofed, as the amount of water the area receives each year can be concerning. Considering the region’s climate, floods and water damage are likely to occur, which means you need to protect your Rochester Hills home. Fortunately, the experts at StayDry Waterproofing can surely help.

Rochester Hills Climate

Between cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers, Rochester Hills homes become quite susceptible to water damage. The high amounts of snow in the winter can lead to flooding in the spring, and you can still expect plenty of precipitation through the summer months. To protect your home from damage, basement waterproofing is a necessity.

When a flood does occur, water damage to your home could be soon to follow. If water does enter your home, a variety of factors come into play. Your personal belongings stored in the basement could be damaged, foundation walls can crack, and, most importantly, the structural integrity of your home could be compromised. On top of it all, the excessive moisture resulting from a flood will cause mold to form within your home, which poses threats to your health. Protect your Rochester Hills home and everything inside with StayDry Waterproofing.

StayDry Waterproofing Services: Rochester Hills

Here at StayDry, we’re very aware of the detrimental effects water damage can have on your home, and we know exactly how to prevent them. We offer a variety of services to protect your Rochester Hills home. Here’s a list of our effective services:

Basement Waterproofing Work Requests in Rochester Hills

  • I had Keith Brown quote a Job for me this tuesday. foundation Systems came in at $3700.00 for a cash job. do you want to revise your quote? I called and left a voicemail for Keith too.
  • Looking for some solutions to dry out, deodorize, and waterproof my Michigan basement. I would very much appreciate a free consultation/inspection.
  • Sunday night’s (7/17) thunderstorm brought water into a home we just purchased. Looking for options and improvements to keep this from happening again before we finish the basement.
  • Looking to get a quote on wall/foundation repair. We have several small cracks in the garage wall and water entering our garage during heavy rains.

How to Waterproof Your Basement

Rochester Hills residents are familiar with Michigan’s excessive moisture. With over 120 days of expected precipitation each year, Rochester Hills locals need to waterproof their homes. As a family-owned business, StayDry understands the importance of home security. Keeping water out of your basement can prevent mold from growing in the walls and causing long-term respiratory issues. Similarly, water in the basement can damage the overall structural integrity of your home. If the soil in and around your home wasn’t tested properly during construction, it could expand and crack the floors and walls.

Understanding the causes of basement flooding is a great first step in waterproofing your home. Wall cracks are the most common areas of moisture leaking into your home. Wall cracks can be caused by the natural occurrence of foundation settling. If your doors and windows are difficult to open, check your walls for cracks. Vertical cracks are common, and they are an easy fix. Horizontal cracks, on the other hand, indicate serious structural danger. Regardless of the crack, call StayDry for an obligation free consultation. An honest representative will advise you on what measures you can take for a water-free home.

How to Repair Wall Cracks

At StayDry, we don’t believe in cutting corners. We perform quality work, no matter the job. To repair wall cracks, we use a high-pressure polyurethane injection system that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. StayDry sealant stops any moisture from coming through the crack, and it prevents the crack from expanding. If you’re looking to immediately stop water from entering your basement, call StayDry today. Occasionally, cracks are indicators of a larger issue. If there is any structural instability, sinking floors, or bowing walls, a StayDry agent will spot them and quote you a price to fix it.

French Drains

In Michigan, the water table is high. Close proximity to the Great Lakes combined with heavy moisture result in more groundwater. In order to prevent basement flooding, residents must redirect the water in the soil around their homes to a safe location where it can’t leak through the foundation. StayDry offers a premium French drain that collects water from the soil around your home and redirects it into a basin. Then, a StayDry sump pump will safely remove the water in the basin.

Faulty Sump Pumps

One of the most common causes of basement flooding is a faulty sump pump. These pumps remove water from the sump pump basin. StayDry’s superior sump pumps will not fail, and we offer an exclusive PumpSpy that provides a backup pump with extra batteries and float sensors. Rochester Hills residents can rest assured that when they are asleep or away from home, their sump pump will not fail, and their basement will stay dry.

Have Your Rochester Hills Home Waterproofed Today

Again, it’s essential you have your Rochester Hills home waterproofed before it’s too late. The effects of basement floods can be devastating, and they often present a variety of issues to your home, including those discussed above. Damaged possessions, mold growth, and structural issues are all common results of water entry, so preventing such is crucial. To prevent these issues and keep both you and your home safe, it’s best to call StayDry and keep your home protected. Also, we offer a lifetime warranty on our interior services. This way, you can be sure your home will remain out of harm’s way.

If you’re a Rochester Hills homeowner, you should certainly consider having StayDry provide you with our basement waterproofing services. Water damage can and will wreak havoc on your home, so protect your home before it’s too late!

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