Sterling Heights Mold Treatment and Water Damage Repair

Situated between two large lakes, Sterling Heights experiences plenty of rain and snowfall every year. Wet, snow-filled winters only make way for humid summers, which also see a decent amount of rain. This leaves your Sterling Heights home at risk for flooding and water damage.

Even if your basement doesn’t contain valuable belongings, a flood brings excessive moisture into your home, which makes your basement a breeding ground for mold. Additionally, water damage can crack foundation walls and compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Keep your home protected from floods, water damage, and mold with StayDry®'s basement waterproofing services. Our waterproofing experts can help address the water damage to your Sterling Heights’ home, including mold treatment.

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Waterproofing Services in Sterling Heights, MI

Mold Treatment

Water accumulation and excessive moisture in basements can create a buildup of mold in Michigan homes. At StayDry®, our mold treatment services in Sterling Heights use a Concrobium treatment to stop future regrowth. We can also recommend mold prevention solutions like dehumidifiers and sump pumps.

French Drain Installation

After months of snowmelt and rain, the soil surrounding homes in Sterling Heights becomes soggy with excess moisture. If not properly directed, this moisture can increase the hydrostatic pressure pushing against the walls of your home. A French drain redirects water into the sump basin so that it can’t press through cracks along basement walls. The French drain has been around for 150 years, and we back our system with a lifetime guarantee.

External Waterproofing

Due to Michigan’s high water table, Sterling Heights homeowners sometimes have to take extra precautions to keep water from entering cracks and weak spots along the foundation wall. External waterproofing is one of the most efficient ways to ensure that water will not seep into your basement. Our extensive waterproofing process will give your home a complete exterior sealant along with our premier draining system.

First, we dig a trench around the outside of your home and check for cracks and damaged walls. Then, we apply a mastic tar adhesive and sealant around the foundation. After reinforcing the wall with a Flexi-Seal vapor barrier, we add an extra layer of foam board insulation.

Sterling Heights residents worried about the high water table can rest assured that external waterproofing will protect their homes from outside moisture.

Crack Injection

Wall cracks are a common cause of basement flooding.Even small cracks can let enough water in to grow mold and gradually weaken drywall.Filling each vertical crack with our polyurethane sealant adds a layer of protection to your foundation wall. And unlike other waterproofing companies, StayDry®'s high-pressure polyurethane crack injection is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Sterling Heights residents who have recently moved into a home should call StayDry® for an obligation free consultation. Sometimes it’s difficult to identify cracks in the foundation wall. A StayDry® professional will help you find cracks and take the precautions necessary toward making sure your home stays dry.

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Crawl Space Repair

Your crawl space is another area of your house where water can enter and cause damage. We can repair and prevent water damage in your crawl space with a variety of waterproofing tactics, including installing a new drain tile with weep holes or adding drain trenches.

When you have a dirt floor in your crawl space, we can use crawl space encapsulation to add a 21 mill vapor barrier and drain mat to fully protect your home from water damage. This can also add value to your home.

A flooded basement presents a range of issues to your home, from structural damage to mold growth, not to mention the damaged possessions that often accompany a flood. All of these issues can compromise the structural integrity of your home, putting everyone inside in danger.

Because it’s always cheaper, and easier, to prevent water damage rather than repair it once it occurs, Sterling Heights homeowners should contact StayDry® today. Plus, we back our interior waterproofing services with a lifetime warranty!

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