Troy Basement Waterproofing, Foundation Repair, and Mold Treatment

Troy, Michigan Skyline
Troy, Michigan Skyline

Much like the rest of the Great Lakes region, Troy’s climate is humid and influenced greatly by the surrounding lakes. The winter months are often cold and filled with snow. Summers in Troy, however, are warm and humid with a fair amount of rainfall. In fact, the city receives around 32 inches of precipitation every year.

This hefty amount of moisture can be heaven sent for your garden, but not so much for your basement. Flooding is not uncommon in Troy and can cause water damage. In turn, water damage can lead to mold growth and can cause structural damage to your home’s foundation. And while mold is definitely concerning, posing health risks to those in the home, structural issues are even more worrying. A compromised structure can lead to further issues and even collapse.

You can prevent these issues and costly future repairs by having your Troy home waterproofed. At StayDry® Waterproofing, we offer a variety of waterproofing services that will help protect your home from water damage. From crack injections and sump pumps to full-on exterior basement waterproofing, we have solutions for every problem.

Whether you want to prevent a wet basement, repair a damaged foundation, or treat harmful mold, StayDry® can help. Call us at 1-800-STAY-DRY® for a no pressure consultation!

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Basement Waterproofing Services from StayDry

With the excess precipitation in the area, it is important to get your Troy basement waterproofed. Here at StayDry®, we offer some of the best basement waterproofing services in the nation and all of our interior basement waterproofing services are backed by our lifetime, fully transferable warranty.

Additionally, we offer our exterior basement waterproofing service for homes that are at a higher risk of flooding and water damage.

Here are just a few of our interior basement waterproofing services:

Harmful cracks created can be injected with polyurethane to seal them and prevent additional water damage. Unlike many DIY solutions, our crack injection services are a one-time fix and come with a lifetime guarantee.

More extensive water damage may damage the structural integrity of your foundation. In this situation, StayDry® can use a variety of foundation repair methods to stabilize, straighten, and/or rebuild the damaged wall(s). Our foundation experts will help you determine the best solution for repair.

French drain systems redirect groundwater away from the house and lowers the hydrostatic pressure against your basement walls. At StayDry®, we use the modern Hydroflo French drain system for the most precise water drainage.

A sump pump can efficiently and automatically remove water if your basement starts to flood. At StayDry®, we install high-quality sump pumps that are designed specifically for our homeowners by Richtech Industries.

Somerset Mall Atrium in Troy, MI
Somerset Mall Atrium in Troy, MI

Mold Treatment and Remediation in Troy

A leaky or flooded basement is the perfect environment for mold to grow. Mold can cause serious health problems, including respiratory issues, and should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

If you need professional mold treatment in Troy, StayDry® can help. We use Concrobium to treat mold and mildew and keep it from growing back. We can also recommend solutions like basement dehumidifiers or sump pumps that will help keep moisture (and mold) out of your home!

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If your Troy home has not been waterproofed, your basement is at risk for flooding. Luckily, StayDry® is here to help. If you are interested in any of our Troy basement waterproofing services, you can contact us here or call us at 1-800-STAY-DRY® for your free quote.

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