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Living in Michigan, you’re probably well aware of the typical climate here in the midwest. Whether it’s abundant snow in the winter or heavy rains throughout the summer, we tend to see a great deal of precipitation year round. With Van Buren Township being no exception to this type of climate, it’s important such homeowners keep a close eye on their home’s crawl space. Michigan’s aforementioned climate can often lead to excess moisture within your crawl space, which can lead to a host of problems throughout the home—while some may even affect your health.

To combat these conditions and keep your home’s crawl space dry, StayDry® extends crawl space repair services to those in Van Buren Township. If you’re a local resident and have yet to encapsulate or protect your crawl space, take a moment to learn the dangers of a damp crawl space and how you can prevent them from arising in your Van Buren  home.

Potential Dangers of a Damp Crawl Space

As mentioned, a damp crawl space can present both damages to your home and dangers to your health, as well as anyone else in the home. Of course, your home’s crawl space doesn’t even have to be damp to invite pests inside, which can cause further damage to the structure of the crawl space and home. If pests are a problem, encapsulation may be necessary, however, there are other issues to consider as well. Take a look at some common issues of damp crawl spaces below:

Increased Energy Costs

A poorly insulated crawl space will inevitably succumb to excess moisture, but it’ll also allow the outside air into your Van Buren  home. In cases like these, you’ll be cranking your heater in the winter and turning up the AC in the summer to fight temperatures and ultimately increase your energy bills.

Mold Growth

One of the main concerns of a damp crawl space is the potential mold growth that can result. As moisture enters and remains in your home’s crawl space, it’ll eventually lead to mold growth unless otherwise caught beforehand. Seeing as many homeowners tend to neglect this area of the house, mold growth is a common issue. Mold will affect the air quality within the home and can present health risks to everyone inside.

Structural Damage

In severe cases, your home’s foundation can be heavily affected by the excessive moisture in your crawl space. Both the wood structure and concrete comprising the crawl space can be compromised, leading the area at risk for collapse, or damage at the very least. Either way, any form of structural damage will result in costly repairs. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to protect your crawl space with StayDry®.

Crawl Space Repair for Van Buren Township

In an effort to help our fellow Van Buren Township homeowners, StayDry® offers a few professional services to keep crawl spaces free of moisture. Of course, each home is different and you may only need something as simple as a dehumidifier, yet some cases may call for more extensive repairs. Either way, take a look at the pages below to learn more about each of our services and products:

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