Warren Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair

Residential Area in Warren, MI
Residential Area in Warren, MI

Much like the rest of eastern Michigan, Warren gets a substantial amount of rain and snowfall. Summers can be incredibly wet and are often humid, which can also allow water to seep in through foundation cracks. Winters, on the other hand, consist of snow-packed months.

In years with excessive precipitation, the water table under your home can rise, putting your home at even greater risk for water damage. Foundational cracks and mold are just a few of the disastrous effects water damage can have on your Warren home without proper basement waterproofing.

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Warren Basement Waterproofing Services from StayDry®

Here at StayDry®, we understand how devastating water damage can be on your home. Luckily, our experts provide high-quality basement waterproofing services for the residents of Warren and surrounding areas. Here are a few of our interior waterproofing services:

French drain systems redirect groundwater away from the house and lowers the hydrostatic pressure against your basement walls. At StayDry®, we use the modern Hydroflo French drain system for the most precise water drainage.

Crack injection repairs fills cracks in your foundation and prevents water from getting through. At StayDry®, we use a polyurethane material to seal cracks; unlike many DIY options, our professional crack injections are a one-time fix.

Sump pumps will automatically remove water if your basement or crawl space starts to flood. At StayDry®, we install high-quality sump pumps that are designed specifically for our homeowners by Richtech Industries.

Additionally, we can provide homes that are at greater risk for basement flooding with our top-of-the-line exterior basement waterproofing service. This involves exposing the exterior of your home’s foundation and applying a protective waterproof barrier to your home. This is by far the most effective service we offer when it comes to preventing water damage.

Saint Anne Catholic Church in Warren, MI
Saint Anne Catholic Church in Warren, MI

Warren Foundation Repair Services

Too much water in the soil can put hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls and cause them to bow or bulge. This can damage the structural integrity of your foundation.

The foundation repair experts at StayDry® can assess the damage to your foundation and make suggestions for repair. In addition to crack injection services, we also offer wall stabilization/reinforcement and can even rebuild walls if needed.

Wall straightening. This is a smart and affordable repair option for minor to moderate damage. It uses thick wood posts and blocks reinforced with 16-inch steel rebar to return the wall to its original state.

Fortress stabilization. For minor to moderate bowing or bulging, we can stabilize your walls with StayDry® steel brace reinforcement or Kevlar straps. Our advanced technology allows us to protect your basement without completely rebuilding the walls.

Partial or complete wall rebuilds. For more severe foundation damage, a wall or walls may need to be partially or completely rebuilt. Our foundation experts will assess the damage and help you make the best decision for your home.

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