French Drain installation in Lansing

Waterproofing your home’s basement is one of the most important things you can do to prevent structural damage to your property.

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Since concrete is naturally porous, water is able to soak into it and cause cracks and other structural damages. One of the best ways to prevent damage to your basement is by waterproofing the foundation using french drains.

What is a French Drain

French drains are able to prevent water from entering your home by creating a channel so that water will flow away from your home. Here at StayDry, we install interior and exterior french drains.

For interior french drain systems, we begin by removing the concrete from the basement floor and dig a trench. Next, we lay the separating fabric along the interior of the trench and lay the drain tile inside the fabric. We cover the drain tile and fill the trench with stone to add support to the drain system. After that, we place a diverter on top of the stone and drain tile and bend it near the wall to prevent water from damaging the foundation. In some cases we will drill weep holes to allow water to drain properly, then the final step is to cover the french drain system with fresh concrete.

Exterior french drain systems are similar to interior french drain systems, except outside. A trench is dug along the exterior of the foundation. We lay the separating fabric, drain tile, and stone’s much the same way we would if it were an interior system. We place a divider along the top of the exterior french drain system and bend it along the side of the foundation and cover the entire system in concrete. One advantage to exterior french drain systems is their ability to drain the water into the septic tank or away from your home.


Efficient Drainage– The best benefit of french drains for Michigan homeowners is their ability to drain water away from the foundation. With both exterior and interior french drain systems, you get to choose where the water goes. Whether you decide to send the water to your septic tank, a sump pump, or as part of a combo french drain system, this will prevent any potential water damage to the foundation and help keep your basement dry. We highly recommend the French Drain System from StayDry® for homeowners in Lansing, Detroit, and all of Michigan.

Affordable– French drain systems are also surprisingly affordable compared to other basement waterproofing methods. While every project and home are different, we here at StayDry have developed an estimation of the cost of all of our services, including french drain system installation. For an interior french drain system, you can expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000, while an exterior french drain system can run you as much as $20,000. StayDry® offers one of the most affordable French Drain Systems in Michigan. We beat out the competitors in both pricing and efficiency.

Quick– French drain system installation is not a complex process, and can be done relatively fast. Depending on the size and complexity of the french drain system that’s needed, installation can take anywhere between a few days and a little more than a week. Not only do you get a fast installation, you also get the best customer service in all of Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana!

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