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When you call a plumbing company, you expect a professional service and repair. However, not all businesses operate under current license, or use the most up to date techniques. It is important that you are working with a business that has their state license to insure that you are not only getting high-quality work, but also that you are covered if anything goes wrong. Learn more about Michigan plumbing license and how to find the service that is right for you.

When you work with our plumbing experts at StayDry® Waterproofing you can rest assured that all of our employees have the most up to date licenses and practices. We offer a variety of services, ensuring that each of our experts can do it all. When we make a home visit, we do more than fix the problem you called about, we find solutions to help you save money and protect your entire home. Learn more about the requirements you should look for when hiring a plumbing service and how you can invest in the best.


As part of Michigan law, all individuals working in a service industry must have correct training and licensing. For plumbing in specific, individuals must be licensed as either a Journeyman or Master plumber by the state of Michigan. This ensures that all installations, and repairs, adhere to safety and house codes, but also that you are spending your time on money on someone who can get the job done right.

The requirements are a bit different for each type of plumber. While any licensed plumber could make a house call, it is important to understand the differences in type of plumbers, and the experience they come with.

Journey plumbers are the most common license, outside of an apprentice who would not make house calls. All plumbers of this category must be at least 18 years old, pay the required examination fee, pass the state exam, be currently registered as an apprentice plumber when they take the exam, demonstrate at least 6,000 hours of experience in a 3 three time frame and submit to a criminal background check.

Working with a journey plumber means you are in good hands; however, at StayDry® we also like to go a step above and include Master plumbers in our staff to give you the best repair job possible

All of the preliminary requirements are the same for a Master plumber with added requirements such a: pass state exam for master plumber and have conducted 4,000 hours of experience as a Journey plumber in no less than a two year period.

Don’t settle for good, when you can receive great service at an affordable price. Learn how you can invest in the best if you are living in the state of Michigan.

Invest In The Best

At StayDry® Waterproofing we take licensing very seriously, and ensure that our staff not only have proper plumbing license, but also be able to offer a variety of services to homeowners.

When one of our experts makes a home repair visit, we always give an honest, free estimate. We let homeowners decide what is right for them, while highlighting the savings benefits they will get from investing in a high-quality repair that will help ensure a long lifespan of their homing plumbing and appliances.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our testimonials of what other homeowners have thought about the repair work our professionals have done.

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The best part about StayDry® is that we operate twenty-four-seven, meaning we are there for you whenever disaster strikes. Don’t wait for business hours to help protect your home, or easy you stress, and give us a call no matter the time of day.

We always send our best, regardless of time of day, to ensure that every homeowner is satisfied with the service they receive.

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