Why You Should Be Worried About Cracks and Holes In Your Foundation

The StayDry® Heroes, serving all of Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana, specialize in repairing cracks and holes in your foundation wall. Cracks and rod tie holes can create many problems. If you are looking to finish your basement in the next year or so, water can leak in and cause problems. Moisture building up in your home can cause structural issues and health issues that impact your home and family. In this blog post, we explore why you should have a structural engineer repair your foundation cracks and holes.

Why You Should Worry About Cracks and Holes in Your Foundation

Cracks in your foundation can be a problem if they are 1/8 inch or greater. These can let in water that can potentially damage your basement. Sometimes a crack in your foundation can indicate that there is significant structural issues with your home. Cracks in your foundation can be particularly troublesome if they wrap around a corner, reaches the basement floor to the top of the wall, or runs the width of the wall and causes the wall to start caving into your basement. In this instance, you will need a structural engineer from StayDry® to repair your home’s foundation.

Tie rod holes are also a significant problem for homeowners with older foundations. These holes are typically left over from when the foundation was poured. Wood beams were placed to create the molding for the foundation. Water can leak through these after the molding was removed, causing unsightly damage in your basement.

It can be extremely tough to fix a crack. Many homeowners will buy a cheap epoxy or basement waterproofing paint to try and resolve the problem. Some homeowners even purchase grout in an attempt to fill the hole or crack. The worst-case scenario involves buying plugs to go into your tie rod holes. At StayDry® we have found that the best case scenario involves using our industry leading polyurethane crack injection.

Our Industry Leading Polyurethane Injection Method

Your StayDry® foundation repair specialist will start with a temporary surface bond to help cover the crack or tie rod hole. Afterward, for cracks, we drill a hole every 12 inches along the crack where brass packer ports for the injection machine to attach to. Then, we begin filling the crack with our polyurethane material. The StayDry® specialist will work up and down the length of the crack, ensuring that every part of the crack is evenly filled. The material will dry within 24-48 hours leaving your holes and cracks evenly sealed.

The Cost of Ignoring a Damaged Foundation

According to Homeadvisor.com, ignoring a damaged foundation can become costly. At the high end, you could spend as much as $11,000 to repair your foundation if you don’t fix wall cracks right away or repair your rod tie holes. Most homeowners will spend about $2k to $6k to repair a damaged foundation. At StayDry®, our team can catch leaky cracks right away. Depending upon the size of a crack, it will cost you anywhere from $300 to $800 per site. In most instances, we can come out and repair the first crack that you see the right way. Why spend more when your foundation has significant issues when you can catch the issue fast and fix it?

Why Polyurethane Injection is the Preferred Method for Tie Rod Holes

With tie rod holes, polyurethane injection is the preferred method for repair. The Do-It-Yourself plugs may seem like a great do-it-yourself solution, but they only work for a short time. Other repair methods involve excavating your basement’s exterior to deal with the tie rod holes.

Our industry-leading polyurethane injection method will save you time, money, and effort. The injection material, under an immense amount of pressure, will seal your tie rod holes all the way through the thickness of your foundation wall.

Implications for Reselling Your Home

An unsightly foundation may make it difficult to get your home listed. If you have a professional foundation repair job done, you will need to disclose that you have had this repair work done, but your home will likely be listed at a higher value. In some situations, a damaged foundation may make it very difficult to sell your home, let alone get it listed.

According to the rules of the real estate game in most states, you must let the realtor know of any structural issues with your home. We’ve spoken with many realtors and many of them are hesitant to list a home with a damaged foundation because it drastically can reduce the value of a home. On the upside, repairing your foundation will help the next homeowner finish their basement and leave you sitting to get a good price on your sale.

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