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Between environmental factors, like climate, and foundation settling, cracked foundation walls in Michigan aren’t uncommon. In fact, cracked walls are essentially inevitable. While they may be difficult to prevent, foundation cracks can still be easily controlled, so long as they are addressed promptly. You see, cracks in your foundation can lead to a variety of other issues if they aren’t repaired quickly and properly. To prevent the issues that often follow cracked foundation, you’ll need the quality crack injection service we offer at StayDry Waterproofing.

Our crack injections at StayDry, like all of our services, set us apart from the competition. We seal cracks the right way the first time around, preventing further issues and keeping your home out of harm’s way. We know the damages foundation cracks can present, so take a moment to learn more about these issues and how you can prevent them with our crack injection service.

Why Crack Injection is Crucial

When it comes down to it, foundation cracks are simply unavoidable, as a variety of factors out of your control cause cracks. While inevitable, these cracks can still be controlled to prevent any additional problems. Sealing cracks when they arise is crucial too, as they can quickly present a variety of issues to your home.

First off, foundation cracks allow moisture to enter your Birmingham home, which affects not only the structure of your home, but your health too. You see, with moisture often comes mold growth and mold can lead to respiratory illnesses like asthma and fungal infections. Additionally, the potential moisture will attract termites, which will feed on the wood within your home’s foundation and weaken the structure. On top of that, the moisture will further weaken your concrete foundation, causing the cracks to spread and even begin to crumble, ultimately compromising the structural integrity of your home.

Considering the likelihood of mold, pests, and progressing concrete cracks, it’s important to monitor your home’s foundation walls to ensure it’s free of any issues. When cracks do arise in your concrete walls, crack injection will be necessary to keep your home safe and intact.

Birmingham Crack Injection

When you notice cracks in your home’s foundation walls, calling StayDry to come out and assess the issue is essential. Preventing damage is always easier and cheaper than repairing it once the damage has already occurred. Plus, our crack injection service is effective and noninvasive.

At StayDry, we use a high-pressure injection system alongside quality polyurethane to ensure your foundation cracks are sealed the first time around. Other companies, however, tend to use low-pressure systems and epoxy, which is really just a temporary solution. Because these cracks can spread unless otherwise properly sealed, a temporary solution could only lead to more problems in the future. Get your money’s worth and have StayDry repair your foundation cracks.

Cracked Foundation? Call Today!

As you can see, foundation cracks should be addressed promptly to avoid further complications. When you do address these cracks in a timely manner, StayDry can come out and repair the issues before they progress, keeping you safe and your home intact.

If you’re in need of our crack injection service, you’re in luck. We offer this service with a lifetime warranty to all of our Birmingham customers. Give us a call at 800.782.9379 or contact us to get a free estimate!