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Cost of Foundation Repair can vary depending on many different factors:

  1. Time of year for repair
  2. Interior of exterior repair method
  3. Length of wall repair needed
  4. Soil type surrounding home
  5. Concrete or tree removal surrounding home
  6. Depth of excavation

Several different types of foundation repair are available with different costs and warranty lengths:

  1. Full or Partial Wall Rebuild – 10 yr warranty
  2. Crack Injection – Lifetime Warranty
  3. StayWall Steel Braces – 10 yr warranty
  4. Earth Anchors – 10 yr warranty
  5. Fortress Stabilization Straps – Lifetime Warranty
  6. Wall Straightening – 10 yr warranty
  7. Foundation piering – Life of structure

We need to set up a free estimate so we can look at the wall or walls to determine the full extent of foundation repair specifically needed:

  • Once we look at the basement we can determine with the home owner the best most cost effective method of foundation repair that is needed
  • Permits may be an additional cost to the foundation repair