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Considering the fluctuating climate of the midwest, in addition a variety of other factors, your South Haven home is put through a lot. Unfortunately, these factors often present damages to Michigan homes, from basement floods to foundation cracks. While basement floods are typically more concerning, homeowners tend to ignore the potential dangers that can ensue from foundation cracks. These cracks present a variety of issues for your South Haven home, but you can prevent them with concrete crack injection.

Here at StayDry, we offer our crack injection service to homeowners in South Haven, as well as the rest of Michigan. We know the potential dangers that can arise when foundation cracks occur in your South Haven home, so we seek to help you prevent these dangers with effective crack injections. Read on to learn more about foundation cracks, the damages they present, and how we can help when they occur.

Concrete Cracks and the Accompanying Damages

Simply put, concrete cracks. It’s inevitable. However, just because cracks are inevitable doesn’t mean they can’t present damage. While you can easily control foundation cracks, they can quickly progress into more serious issues if you don’t address them promptly. Foundation cracks are typically caused by fluctuating temperatures, harsh weather, and the natural settling of your home. These same factors can cause the cracks to grow in size, too. When they do, a variety of additional problems can arise.

First, cracks in your South Haven home’s foundation will let in moisture, causing the concrete to flake and ultimately crumble. This can then lead to damaged walls, which could even begin to bow inward. When these issues occur, the structural integrity of your home is compromised, and everyone inside is at risk for danger. Additionally, the accompanying moisture of foundation cracks can make way for mold growth, which presents adverse health effects like asthma and fungal infections. On top of all that, pests like termites will also find the moisture welcoming. Then, they’ll begin to eat away the wood structure, leaving it susceptible to further damage.

Needless to say, it’s best to prevent these issues rather than repair the damages once they occur. Considering both the health and safety hazards that often result from concrete cracks, it’s essential to seal them as soon as they arise. In doing this, though, you’ll need to monitor your foundation walls fairly often to ensure no cracks are forming. If there are cracks beginning to form, concrete crack injection will be necessary.

South Haven Crack Injection

Fortunately for homeowners of South Haven, and the rest of Michigan, StayDry provides quality concrete crack injection to prevent the issues detailed above. While other waterproofing companies tend to use low-pressure injection systems and epoxy, which is only a temporary fix, we utilize a high-pressure injection system and premium-grade polyurethane. This ensures your foundation cracks are completely sealed the first time around. Plus, we back our service with a fully transferrable lifetime warranty. Now that’s assurance!

Prevent Damage with StayDry

If you’ve noticed cracks in your South Haven home’s foundation walls, you should contact the experts at StayDry immediately. It’s always better to take precaution, rather than paying for costly repairs once the damage has already occurred.

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