As a homeowner, you care about the stability of your home and do a lot to make sure it is safe from problems. One of the most important issues to be wary of is foundation damage. You need to be able to recognize when your home has experienced serious issues and get them fixed before they cause extreme damage to your home. Recognizing foundation cracks and when to determine if they are causing serious problems is important.

StayDry® Waterproofing is a Michigan-based company that offers a wide range of waterproofing and foundation repair services to homes throughout the city. Our goal is to provide solutions that ensure the safety of your home. If you are worried about cracks in your foundation, we offer advice on what to look out for and when to take action. Here is a look at cracks.

Not All Cracks Cause Problems

Angular cracks can occur on a brick wall that is laid right on top of a concrete foundation. These cracks typically form in the top 12-16 inches of the brick wall. These types of cracks are caused by brick expansion in warm or hot weather. Many cracks are signs of regular settling that occurs in a home.

Settling cracks can also occur in the upper levels of your home. They’ll be common in places above interior doors, windows, and archways. Temperature changes and humidity will affect the size of these cracks. If you want to reduce the eyesore, try using a humidifier in the winter and a dehumidifier in the summer.

Signs That Should Concern

Some cracks in your foundation can be a serious issue. In order to determine if a crack is a problem, there are some signs to look out for. For example, cracks that are causing leaks in your basement may be a sign of foundation settling. Water in the soil around your home is often a sign of foundation settling. The settling could be putting a lot of pressure on your foundation walls.

Other signs to look out for are other types of damage that come with cracks. At times, you’ll notice bowing or leaning walls. Your walls may be cracked due to movement caused by pressure on your foundation walls. If your walls are bowing or leaning, this could mean there is a lot of pressure on your walls.

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