Certain types of foundation repair work require the expertise of a structural engineer. When working with StayDry®, we have a certified structural engineer who will prepare a complete report of what is needed for your home. Quite a few things are included in the report, such as the number of foundation piers to be installed and what type of piers are needed. The engineer will include visual observations and an elevation survey. On occasion, the engineer may include house plans, soil tests, and invasive procedures to determine the best way to repair your home’s foundation.  

When your engineer prepares the report, they carefully outline their observations, noting foundation cracks, window issues, and other key indicators of house leveling. They will also check your home’s slab elevation to check and see if your home has experienced significant differential movement.  

Foundation Repair Jobs That Require a Structural Engineer in Michigan  

Many foundation repair cracks can be easily addressed and repaired by a contractor. Other types of foundation repair need immediate remediation and the attention of a structural engineer. Here are some of the types of foundation repair issues that may require the need of a structural engineer: 

  • Diagonal Foundation Cracks: These are often from settlement or frost on the corner of your home. This is often the result of horizontal foundation movement and may appear in foundations made from bricks or blocks.  
  • Horizontal Cracks in Foundations: This happens when frost pressure and earth pressure or other forces push against the foundation wall. If the crack is higher, it is the result of Michigan’s cold winter. Lower cracks may indicate other types of loading forces that are impeding on your home’s foundation. This is often the most pressing concern and requires the immediate attention of a structural engineer.  
  • Vertical Foundation Cracks: These often occur when concrete, bricks, or other foundation materials are under extreme pressure. New homes often get vertical cracks within 1 to 3 years and this problem is easily repaired with polyurethane crack injection from StayDry®.   

The danger of horizontal cracks are found in the bowing of a foundation. Usually, the wall’s exterior is covered by backfill (dirt & gravel) and this backfill was probably improperly done. The excessive pressure of the backfill on the home will cause bowing and impede drainage. This increases the hydrostatic pressure on your home’s foundation and will eventually cause collapse of the home.  

StayDry® – Your Expert in Foundation Repair  

In short, StayDry® is Michigan’s leading foundation repair company. Generally, any home foundation with horizontal or diagonal cracks will need the consultation of a foundation engineer. For vertical cracks, we are fully prepared to remediate this problem with our polyurethane crack injection method. Give us a call at 1 (800) STAY-DRY and we’ll set you up with expert foundation repair.  

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